Networking serves as a powerful tool for building professional connections. To ensure your networking efforts are fruitful, consider the following tips:

  1. Ready, Set, Goal: Clearly define your networking goal before you begin. Whether short or long-term, a well-defined goal will guide your efforts more precisely. For instance, if you plan to pivot your career, focus on connecting with organizations, groups, or individuals that can aid in developing the necessary skills for your new position.
  2. Tap Into Existing Connections: Start by reaching out to people you already know, especially if you’re new to networking. Family members, friends, past colleagues, or individuals from your community can be valuable additions to your network. Expand your connections by identifying loose contacts and taking proactive steps to connect with them.
  3. Plant the Seed – Network Before Job Searching: Establish connections before actively job searching. Engaging with individuals in advance and building relationships makes it more natural to reach out to them later, increasing the effectiveness of your engagement.
  4. Always Follow Up: The effectiveness of networking lies in consistent follow-ups. Leave a lasting impression by promptly following up on leads. Send personalized LinkedIn messages or emails shortly after establishing a connection. If the connection was virtual, periodically engage in conversations or comment on their content to showcase your insights. For face-to-face meetings, occasional check-ins or a friendly coffee conversation can maintain the connection.

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* Last updated on January 04, 2024 *

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