Over the past several years, Karmiel has emerged as a fantastic choice for Anglo-Olim. This middle-class, picturesque city provides an ideal environment for raising children, offering abundant open spaces, parks, and playgrounds. The integrated Yeshivish/Balebatish community, with its out-of-town flavor, allows each family to carve out its niche. Distanced from the hustle of the city center, the tranquil and unhurried lifestyle offers Anglos a gentle transition and integration into Israeli culture. Despite its modest size, the schools are outstanding, and the community exudes vibrancy.

At Quick Glance


Population: 966 K; Israel’s capital and largest city; Large English-speaking population; Tens of thousands of NBN Olim.

Religious Diversity

All affiliations and some neighborhoods are homogenous.

Frequently Asked Questions


Karmiel is a beautiful, planned city situated in the Galil region between Haifa and Tzfat. It is just a 25-minute drive from Meron. The addition of a train station in Karmiel has reduced the commute time to Tel Aviv to approximately 1.5 hours and made the rest of Israel more accessible via public transportation.

There is a diverse range of housing options throughout the city, including apartments, duplexes, and both semi-detached and fully detached houses. Certain neighborhoods in the city are currently undergoing expansion projects, providing the opportunity for brand-new housing.

Several bus lines traverse the neighborhoods, connecting them internally, and train service provides transportation to cities across Israel.

For information about public transportation, including travel time and distance, feel free to check out the Move it website:

The Anglo community is concentrated in the Dromit, Rabin area, and specific parts of the Makosh neighborhoods. These areas are within walking distance of each other and provide a variety of housing options.

  • All four medical providers (Maccabi, Leumit, Meuchedet, Clalit) have branches in Karmiel.
  • Additionally, Karmiel is equipped with dental clinics, eye clinics, and private medical facilities, featuring a range of English-speaking healthcare practitioners.
  • Karmiel is located approximately half an hour away from Ziv Medical Center in Tzfat and the Western Galilee Hospital in Nahariya, and about an hour away from Rambam Medical Center in Haifa. In Karmiel, there is a Terem clinic offering urgent care services, equipped with an on-site imaging center and laboratory providing immediate results.
  • Amichai Bais Yaakov Elementary School serves as the community school for many Anglos in Karmiel.
  • Chafetz Chaim Cheder (contact: R’ Rotner– 053-314-0190, [email protected]), which includes numerous Anglo families, and the Torah VaDaas Cheder (contact: R’ Rosenfield- 053-311-3656), with a more traditional Israeli approach, has several Anglo families.
  • There is one girls’ Bais Yaakov High School (offering Bagrut) and one Yeshiva Ketana for boys (Keren Orah). Contact: Mrs. Vexler 052-764-3739.
  • Kollelim: Rabbi Zaks’ Kollel, Ohelei Torah V’Chesed, Rabbi Margalit’s Kollel, Keren Orah, Rabbi Wexler’s Kolel, Rabbi Vezavinsky’s Kollel, Orchos Torah, and Rabbi Malkas’s Kollel, Maayan HaTora.

The Karmiel community is an integrated mix of Yeshivish and Balebatish families, characterized by a more “out-of-town” flavor.


  • Rabbi Yosef Sobel 058-260350
  • Rabbi Menachem Berzon 052-4146148
  • Rabbi Moshe Goldbaum 050-413-3481
  • Rabbi Ephraim and Aliza Schwartz 050-597-0649, email: [email protected]

* Last updated on January 29, 2024 *


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