When Do I Need to Renew My Car License?

Vehicle Registration (licenses), rishayon rechev, are renewed annually. On receipt of your new vehicle license and before your current license expires, you must first pay the license renewal fee and then take the vehicle to an authorized Vehicle Inspection Station for a road worthiness test, colloquially known in Hebrew as the “Test”.

Your valid vehicle license must be carried with you at all times when driving, as it confirms that the vehicle is registered and roadworthy. The vehicle license is valid only if the license fee has been paid and the vehicle has passed the “Test”. The Misrad Hatachbura (Ministry of Transport and Road Safety) vehicle license contains comprehensive data about the vehicle. This detailed and reliable data is beneficial to the vehicle purchaser, who does not have to rely solely on the seller’s word, as it also provides information on the car model, such as transmission, air conditioning, ABS, airbags and number of doors. A barcode printed on the license supplies the Vehicle Inspection Station with information on the vehicle at the annual “Test”.

The Roadworthiness Test (“Test”)

In brief, the “Test” must be taken at one of the authorized Vehicle Inspection Stations after paying the license fee and before the current license expires. The “Test” also requires payment.

The majority of vehicles in Israel are required to undergo the road worthiness test once a year, in the month the vehicle was initially registered, with the exception of the following:

  • New cars (private passenger cars only): are exempt from the “Test” for the first 2 years only but must pay the license fee. This exemption does not apply to cars used for driving instruction or hired cars.
  • Cars 15 years-old or over: Before taking the annual “Test”, the braking system must be checked at a licensed garage and confirmation of the proper functioning of the braking system must be presented at the “Test”.
  • Vintage cars and collector cars: Must be tested twice a year at a Vehicle Inspection Station as a condition of vehicle license renewal. A license will not be renewed in the case of a vintage car whose license has expired and has not been renewed for a period of two years or over.

What is a “Test”?

The “Test” checks the following:

  • Vehicle and owner identification
  • Emissions
  • Steering
  • Underside
  • Lights
  • Brakes
  • Wheel alignment

You may send someone else – for example, your car mechanic – to carry out the “Test” at the Vehicle Inspection Station. In this case, the power-of-attorney attachment to the new vehicle license must be filled out. Should any defect be found, usually you will be given 7 days for repairs and to return to the Vehicle Inspection Station for a repeat “Test” (entailing a fee according to the price-list, or confirmation from a licensed garage of repair on the brake and steering system, with invoice attached). If a major defect is found, the “Test” form is stamped “towing only”, in which case the vehicle is not to be driven until the defect is repaired and the vehicle passes a repeat “Test”.

How do I pay the vehicle license fee?

You may pay the vehicle license fee by one of the following:

  • The online Government Payment Service – payment by credit card. https://ecom.gov.il/voucherspa/input/260
  • By credit card at the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety call center’s touch-tone menu – *5678 or 1-222-5678. (Use this option only up until 2 weeks before the Test)
  • At the Postal Bank – a receipt and your car license will be printed and handed to you. (Use this option up until 2 weeks before the Test)
  • At any bank branch (credit cards are also accepted)
  • At any Automated License Machine – these can be found in the offices of the Ministry of Transportation or in select Superpharm branches across the country. (Payment in these machines MUST be paid with the credit card of the car’s owner).
  • The Government Payment app – you can download the application here: Android Play Store or iOS App Store

Note: The “Test” also requires payment.

Where and when will I receive the new vehicle license?

The new license will be sent to the address that appears under your name on the Misrad Hapnim (Interior Ministry) register, approximately one month before the renewal date. If you did not receive the new license, or the pre-paid license is not received at your home address within two weeks of payment, please contact Misrad Hatachbura’s call center *5678 (from overseas, dial 03-9421920) or your district License Bureau.

PLEASE NOTE: Not receiving your new license does NOT exempt you from the responsibility of renewing it! If the Vehicle License is lost, stolen, defaced or destroyed, you can order a duplicate license from Misrad Hatachbura’s call centre or receive it on the spot at the License Bureau. The license becomes valid only on payment of the license fee.

If your vehicle is being kept off the road for an extended period of time due to travel, repair or any other reason, you may save the expense of the vehicle license and insurance fees by depositing your vehicle license. You must go to the License Bureau with your identity card and vehicle license, fill out a vehicle license deposit form and receive written confirmation of the deposit. The relative amount to be refunded from your license fee payment will be subtracted from the new license fee. To receive a refund of insurance fee payment, contact your insurance agent. To reinstate the license, go to the License Bureau with your identity card and the confirmation of deposit. You will then be required to pay the new license fee, less the amount due to you from the deposit period.

See The Ministry of Transport site for more information.

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