For more information about parking cards for disabled individuals, please see the Website of Misrad Hatachbura (Israel Ministry of Transport and Road Safety).

Disabled individuals are entitled to receive a special parking card from Misrad Hatachbura.

Conditions regarding eligibility for mobility allowance for disabled individuals ages 3 through retirement age (as determined by Bituach Leumi) can be found on the Bituach Leumi site.

Requesting a Parking Card

You can request a Disability Parking Card in one of two ways:

Online (turnaround time 30 days) – Request for a Parking Card
Applying online requires you to have a government account. If you do not already have one, click here to view our guide on creating a government account.

By Mail (turnaround time 60 days) – To request a card, you must fill out the Request for a Parking Card form. The form must be submitted, together with additional documents (listed below), to: יחידה למוגבלי ניידות (Yechida L’Mugbalei Nayadot, Unit for disabled persons) P.O. Box 72, Cholon, 58100

Please send the following documents together with this form in one PDF:

  1. A copy of your Teudat Zehut, including the Sefakh (addendum)
  2. Copies of your Rishayon Rekhev (car license) and Rishayon Nehiga (driver’s license)
  3. An official document indicating your level of handicap (which must be at least 60% in order to be eligible)
  4. Original, up-to-date medical documentation from a specialist from the last 3 months
  5. In certain cases, it may be necessary to provide a letter from additional doctors. This includes chemotherapy treatment, dialysis treatment, and blindness.
  1. If the person with the handicap is not the same person who will be driving the car, or if the person with the handicap will be using two cars, you will need to provide additional documentation proving that the vehicle in question provides transport for the handicapped individual. For further details, please see the Israel Ministry of Transport and Road Safety’s Website.

Once you receive a disabled parking card, you can order a plastic card holder through the Israel Post website, here.

Who is Eligible

The following disabled individuals are eligible for a card:

  1. Someone who requires a car as a means of transport, due to handicapped legs
  2. Someone whose handicap is above 60% and whose transport, without a car, is likely to cause damage to his or her physical well being
  3. Someone who is limited in his or her ability to walk and who needs a wheelchair for a movement

Using the Parking Card

  1. The card is about the size of a driver’s license and must be displayed in the front window on the left hand side; or in the left-hand, side window (near the front of the car).
  2. The card must be displayed clearly and in full view of law enforcement officers.
  3. The parking card is valid for a four year period, and a new card is mailed automatically to your home several weeks before the old one expires.
  4. The parking card is only for use by the disabled individual. The disabled individual must either by driving the car or riding in the car (with a different driver). Someone who uses the card when the disabled person is NOT in the car, too, is eligible for a fine of up to 13,000 NIS.
  5. If you have a parking card for disabled individuals and you sell your car, you must be in touch with Misrad Harishui to transfer ownership.

In certain circumstances, it is possible to obtain a discount on the vehicle registration fee for the car of someone who is disabled. Please see the Website of the Israel Ministry of Transport and Road Safety for further details.

Last Updated: March 2, 2023

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