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2607, 2021

Working as a Foreign Licensed Lawyer in Israel

The new law amends a longstanding legal requirement for all lawyers in Israel (including those that have made Aliyah and had no intention of working in Israeli law) to be regulated and registered with the Israeli Bar Association (IBA). For the first time, with the IBA’s backing, foreign licensed attorneys can advise Israeli clients on matters pertaining to the law in the jurisdictions in which they are licensed. For instance, a U.S. lawyer can now advise Israeli companies and entrepreneurs about matters pertaining to U.S. law, without having to fulfill the requirements that had been imposed on all Israeli lawyers.

2607, 2021


As Israel holds the distinction of having the most lawyers per capita of any country in the world, lawyers can be found in any city. By far, the largest number of lawyers and law firms can be found in Tel Aviv, with Haifa and Jerusalem following distantly behind. Salary levels for attorneys in Tel Aviv are usually higher than those in Jerusalem. Jerusalem and Tel Aviv also have possibilities in governmental work. Occasionally, Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University and Bar-Ilan University require the services of a lawyer from abroad with a particular area of expertise. Alternatively, many lawyers go into private practice, either on their own or in partnership with other advocates.

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