In Israel, the phlebotomy training course, known as “Lokchei Dam Vridi” in Hebrew, spans six days, with each day lasting 8 hours. The certification process includes an exam, after the completion of the practical period, and grants certification to treat patients aged 14 and older.

To participate in the course, a basic understanding of Hebrew is required and is essential to successfully engage with the course material. Registration requirements include being an Israeli citizen with a TZ, 18 years old, possessing a high school diploma, specific vaccinations, and a written declaration of a clean criminal record.

For those interested in additional courses to be certified for treating children (1-4, 4-7, and 7-14 age groups), prerequisites include holding a certificate from the Ministry of Health in Israel for the basic course (age 14 and up) and a minimum of 2 years of experience in drawing blood from patients aged 14 and up.

Moreover, there are specific requirements for the 4+ course, necessitating proof of authorization for 2000 blood drawings within two consecutive years. An additional exam fee of 500 NIS applies, and the course duration is one day.

Participants in the 1+ course must provide proof of 500 drawings within a year for individuals aged 4-14, with an exam cost of 500 NIS.

Basic courses are conducted nationwide. To obtain more information and register, please contact Sharon at 02-655-1715 or [email protected] (Sharon is proficient in English).

Additional information can be found on the Misrad Habriut site (in Hebrew).

* Course last updated on November 30, 2023 *

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