Magen David Adom (MDA) is responsible for paramedic regulations in Israel.

Licensed paramedics from outside of Israel who want to transfer their licenses should contact the Medical Division of MDA. The contact person is Dr. Shafir Botner, Director of Paramedic School at [email protected].

Before reaching out, please read this overview.

One must be an Israeli citizen or a permanent resident (A5 visa) in order to be licensed as a paramedic in Israel.

*Please note: One can and should apply pre-Aliyah to start the process and evaluate the requirements. They can even take the course and exam(s) before completing their Aliyah. However, the final license will only be issued once they have made Aliyah and are a full Israeli citizen.

Hebrew: Reading and conversational Hebrew is a critical element in the work of a paramedic in Israel. It will be part of the director’s review.

The licensing process contains few steps:

  1. Submitting documents for review by the director of medical division.
  2. Additional training – If required, based on the director’s review.
    • Self-study.
    • Theoretical chapters.
    • Protocols and procedures.
  3. Performing at least 10 pre-hospital emergency medicine scenarios {Mega Codes} under the supervision and training of instructors from the school of paramedics, in addition to successfully completing a practical test with a passing grade.
  4. Minimum of 20 tutorial shifts on an ICU ambulance.
  5. Upon completion of all of the above and receiving a positive review from the regional instructor – sitting for a final inclusive practical exam (in Hebrew).

Application documents to be submitted:

  1. Israeli ID (or a foreign passport for those who apply pre-Aliyah).
  2. Detailed CV – including clear contact information.
  3. Diploma/certificate/license to practice as a paramedic from the country of origin.
  4. A full detailed syllabus and transcript of the program the applicant completed.
  5. Contact person from the institute from which the applicant graduated.
  6. References (if applicable).


Dependent on the director’s review and the amount of additional training the applicant will have to complete; MDA will inform you the cost of the process. Please note that it can change from one applicant to another.

To review the full license conversion protocol, please see here.

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