Chiropractors in Israel work primarily in private practice, as well as through the Kupot. The Israeli Chiropractic Society currently has over 70 members. For more information about the Society, click here or call 09-954-3223. To become a member, you must have graduated from an accredited chiropractic college. All Israeli chiropractors studied in colleges abroad, as there is no course of study available in Israel.

According to a law passed in 2010, in Israel only a Doctor of Chiropractic can provide chiropractic services.

If you are interested in speaking with North American chiropractors who work in Israel, write to [email protected].

Special thanks to Drs. Tamara Spitz, Arie Tawil and Yitzchack Freeman for their professional contributions to this article.

For more information, please contact Dr. Omer Hirsh, DC, BMS, Vice President of the ICS, [email protected]

This article was last updated on May 23, 2019.

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