In Israel, there is no licensing procedure for alternative medical fields. Many practitioners work privately while others work in Kupot Cholim (health clinics). In order to work in a Kupah, you must present your credentials from abroad and show that you have malpractice insurance. Obtaining malpractice insurance in Israel also requires you to present your credentials.

There is a broad range of salaries in alternative medicine in Israel. Salaries differ between those who work in a Kupah and those who work privately. Like any other business, building up a clientele is the biggest challenge in the beginning. In order to develop a client base, you can give lectures, network with other professionals in your field, and use social media to attract patients. It is important to charge competitive rates so as not to price yourself out of the market.

Training Courses in Israel
There are several institutions in Israel that offer a degree or certification in alternative medicine. Here are the names of a few:

Online Resources

There are several companies that provide malpractice insurance. The oldest is Madanes Rappaport that focuses primarily on providing malpractice insurance for people working in alternative medicines. Phone: (03) 638-0000.

Kupot Cholim
Each of the four health funds, Meuchedet, Maccabi, Clalit and Leumit offers alternative medicine options. Their websites are listed below.

Professional Organizations


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