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So you just moved to Be’er Sheva…

As a new immigrant, you need to dedicate some time to bureaucratic steps:

1) Open a bank account
Be’er Sheva has all of the major bank chains in Israel including Discount, Hapoalim, and Leumi. Most people decide based on the convenience of where they are each located.

2) Visit Misrad Haklita (Immigration office)
Misrad Haklita is located on Shazar Street #31. Sadly, there is no sign on the outside of the building so it can be a bit hard to find. It is important to make an appointment in advance by calling: 1599-500-921. Galina is the representative for English-speaking Olim but you may meet with someone else instead. Unfortunately, most of the representatives do not speak English. If you can bring along a Hebrew-speaker, that would be great. At Misrad Haklita, you can sign up for your absorption basket and ulpan.

In 2016, the Be’er Sheva municipality appointed a klita coordinator for English-speakers for the first time. For assistance with working with the municipality, klita, or education, please get in touch with Megan Turner:

3) Join a Kuppah
Beer Sheva has all of the major health funds, including Maccabi, Clalit, and Meuchedet. Clalit is the largest in Beer Sheva and is connected to Soroka hospital.  It is important to go to your chosen Kuppah in order to get your permanent insurance card and make an appointment with a primary doctor. To choose a doctor, you may want to get referrals from other Olim.

4) Phone and Internet
It is very difficult to navigate life without phone and internet services so we recommend that you take care of this as soon as possible.

5) Drivers License
When you are ready to convert your drivers license, you will have to follow all of the steps listed here:

Misrad Harishui is located on 5 Manof Street. The following opticians can be used:
Optica Markovitz – in “Big”
Opticana –  in the Negev Mall

6) Travel Documents
To arrange for your Teudat Maavar or Israeli passport, you will need to visit Misrad Hapnim which is located in the governmental offices of Kiryat Hamemshala on Hatikva Street. Always best to get there early. It is always crowded but also always better than Misrad Hapnim in Jerusalem!

 7) Arnona
To arrange for your Arnona discount, you need to visit the Arnona office in the Old City located at Hadassah #78 with copies of your TZ, TO, and rental agreement.


If you landed in Beer Sheva without a place to live, check out some of these online (HEBREW) resources:

Facebook Group
Facebook Group –
Dirot 7
Yad Shtayim


You will want and need Hebrew in Beer Sheva!

New Olim study FOR FREE at one of the Ulpans in Beer Sheva located at the Altshul building and the Merkaz Klita Yeelim.

For a fee, there is also an Ulpan run by Ben Gurion University

Once you have done Ulpan, there are other resources for Hebrew study in Beer Sheva:

1) Eshel Avraham – – This Conservative synagogue offers Hebrew-language groups.

2) Startup – For Olim ages 18-35, Nefesh B’Nefesh has partnered with this organization to run one-on-one Hebrew lessons for new Olim. Contact for more information.

3) Maagal Hachaim VeTaasuka – This organization has started to run weekly Hebrew courses for Olim who are in the work force.


People are super-friendly in Beer Sheva and Olim are especially eager to help other new Olim.

Beer Sheva English-speakers Facebook group
Go South Nefesh B’Nefesh Facebook group
Anglobeersheva Yahoo group

Women’s Rosh Chodesh group – contact
Beer Sheva English-Speaking Group –  All meetings are held on Thursdays at 4.00 pm in the Seniors’ clubhouse, corner Weizmann and Rager streets (behind the WIZO building)
Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel (AACI); sign up for the AACI enewsletter by contacting
Light Opera Group of the Negev (LOGON)
Hadassah – contact
Beer Sheva Language Exchange –
Be’er Sheva Lone Soldiers Center–
Negev Football Team –


Tourist Attractions
Artists’ house
Negev Museum –
Airforce Museum Hatzerim  –
Negev Zoo –
Carrasso Science Park –
Monument to the Negev Brigade
Engine 70414–
Abraham’s Well Visitors Center–
Park of the Australian Soldier –
Tel Be’er Sheva –
Lunada Children’s Museum –

Grand Kanyon Mall –
Big Center –
One Center –
Negev Mall –
Seventh Avenue –
Old City – Street market every Friday
Bedouin Market – every Thursday

Symphony –
Mishkan Performing Arts Center
Fringe Theater –
Municipal Library –
AACI English Library –

Gyms and pools
Ben Gurion University (pool) –
Space – Grand Kanyon –
Holmes Place (pool) –
Country Club (pool) –
Great Shape – Big –
Beit Yatziv pool –
Beit Hachayal – 2 Beit Lechem Street

     Globus Max Movies Theaters in One Plaza is the major theater in Beer Sheva. They have VIP showings that include food and endless drinks and popcorn.
     Lev Omer is a small movie theater in Beer Sheva, just a few minutes North of Beer Sheva which shows independent and foreign films.
     The Negative cinema at BGU screens films regularly and runs lots of fascinating film-related lectures and events. English website –
Bowling – (in Big)
Rock-Climbing – Performance Rock is a super fun place in the Old City –
Go-carting – located in Rami Levi shopping complex
Skate-boarding Park – located at the corner of Tuviyahu and Ilan Ramon Streets

Night Life
Because of the student life in Beer Sheva, there are lots of great bars in the city. Here is a short list to check out:
Ashan Hazman
Tapas bar
HaHalutz 33
Donkeys Bar

There are 100s of restaurants and cafes in Beer Sheva. Here are a few that are kind of special (and Kosher): 

Hanoi Hasinit – authentic Chinese food – Rosko City.
Hodu Haketana – vegetarian Indian – 15 Ringenblum Street near BGU
The Butchery – Nice restaurant where you order your meat from the “butcher.” Old City
Yakuta – lovely, somewhat fancy Moroccan restaurant in the Old City. 27 Mordei Hagetaot
Arabica – nice big space, large meat menu. 12 Herzl Street in the Old City
Cafe Ringenblum – this dairy restaurant is also a social project as it employs at-risk teens. 86 Ringenblum Street near BGU
City Cafe – just a nice coffee shop/dairy restaurant run by good people. Rosko City.

Grocery Shopping
Again, there are TONS of supermarkets in Beer Sheva. Here is an interesting blog post about grocery shopping in Beer Sheva – Below are some of the special options available in the city:

The Shuk – The shuk is open S-F and offers cheaper fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, and bakeries than found in the stores.
Eden Teva – is a beautiful “Whole Foods”-like store with a nice selection of health and organic foods. Located in Big.
Osher Ad – Some feel that Osher Ad which is a “mega” store is the cheapest chain in Israel.
Rami Levi – Some feel that Rami Levi is the cheapest chain in Israel.

Also, lots of people have come to learn the joys of grocery shopping online:
Eden Teva –
Supersol –
Mega –

For Olim who are new to a city, the easiest way to connect to other and find “adopted family” is through participating in religious life. Be’er Sheva is home to over 300 synagogues but most are small Sephardic minyanim. Below is  a list of institutions that have some “anglo” involvement. 

Eshel Avraham – Conservative Synagogue –
Kehilat Beerot – Partnership-style Minyan –
HaKippah – Orthodox; Rechov Hatsvi (Hey)
Moledet – Orthodox; Rechov Yerushalayim (Tet)
Rambam – Orthodox; (Hey) –
Chabad – There are numerous “Chabads” throughout the city. 
Beit Karov – BGU’s student “Jewish house” –
Jeff Seidel Student Center –
Reform – a new community has recently started in Ramot –
Beit Moriah – a network of religious educational and social programs –

Another great way to connect with others is participating in volunteering projects in the City. Some great ideas are to volunteer in a nursing home, a merkaz klita, or in a school tutoring English. The options are endless but here are few classics to get you started: 

Beer Sova – Be’er Sheva’s soup kitchen
Yad Sarah – Israel’s largest volunteer organization working with disabled and elderly.
Shvuat Haadamah – Earth’s Promise in an organization started by English-speaking Olim. They have created community gardens and an organic farm in the city.
Beer Sheva Loves Animals –
Merkaz Klita – there are multiple absorption centers in Beer Sheva (Nurit, Yeelim, Kalisher) who could always use help, especially with the children.
Maslan Rape Crisis Center –

Please send us your resume and we will be happy to arrange a meeting with you to help with your CV and job search. Since networking is always the best tool for finding a job, please take advantage of the following local resources as well:
AACI – set up an employment consultation with
Start-up Centre
– 16 Hashalom Street (for ages 18-35) 
Maagal HaChaim veHataasuka
– 22 Ragar Street (for ages 18-55) 
Misrad Haklita
– once you have completed Ulpan, you are entitled to employment services from Misrad Haklita including business Hebrew, employment training, and placement assistance. 

Buses: The Metrodan company operates the public bus service within Be’er Sheva.

The Egged company operates the inter-city buses:

Trains: Often the fastest and most comfortable way to travel. There are two train stations in Be’er Sheva – one right next to the Central bus station and one next to University in the Northern part of the city.

Information about the “Rav-Kav” (elecrtronic payment card) – http://xn—

Taxis: It is easy to hail cabs in busy parts of the cities but best to keep a phone number on hand in case you end up stranded somewhere! Almost all trips within the city cost 25 NIS. You can also try the new GetTaxi app!

Come by our office to pick up a free map of Beer Sheva so you can start exploring!



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