Many cities and regional councils around Israel have Municipal Klita coordinators.
Municipal Klita coordinators offer assistance, information on local resources and guidance through the local municipality, and are responsible for the successful integration of Olim to their cities.

For more information on communities throughout the country, see our Community Guide.

City/Town Name Email Phone Number
Ashkelon Miriam Maimon [email protected] 054-492-5099
Ashkelon Anna Schnitzer [email protected] 052-773-3725
Bat Yam Karin Hatab [email protected] 052-354-2468
Be'er Sheva Chani Goldblatt [email protected] 053-803-6334
Beit Shemesh Tami Elmaliah [email protected] 050-451-8889
Beitar Illit Sarah Shachar [email protected] 053-279-1385
Beitar Illit Lea Open [email protected] 058-643-4358
Efrat Yaakov Berger [email protected] 052-249-7251
Gush Etzion Shoshana Porath [email protected] 052-334-3392
Gush Etzion Caroline Scholl Steiner [email protected] 054-308-6822
Gush Etzion Inbal Zilberman [email protected] 050-993-2740
Haifa Smadar Stoller Porat [email protected] 054-234-1233
Harish Alona Geber Kerklies [email protected] 052-539-3847
Harish Sara Beila Levin [email protected] 052-539-3847
Holon Michael Zhokov [email protected] 052-733-6593
Jerusalem Arielle Scemama (Baka community representative) [email protected] 054-204-8476
Jerusalem Yisroel Cohn [email protected] 054-807-7511
Jerusalem Michael Elbaz [email protected] 055-705-0544
Jerusalem Natan Berman [email protected] 053-952-2421
Kiryat Gat Michael Firer [email protected] 052-921-3825
Kiryat Gat Michael Kandinov [email protected] 054-462-3811
Karmiel Shelly Leites [email protected] 055-686-8866, 04-908-5535
Katzrin Elinora Teplitzky [email protected] 050-301-5966
Mateh Binyamin Rachel Leff [email protected] 058-456-1222
Modiin-Maccabim-Reut Sharon Krasna [email protected] 08-653-6684
Modiin-Maccabim-Reut Shulamit Resnick [email protected] 054-222-8630
Ra'anana Nechama Efrati [email protected] 052-440-8923
Tel Aviv-Yaffo Neta Burshtein [email protected] 054-628-9590
Tveria Moshe Bodwan [email protected] 052-876-9472
Tzfat Yisrael Sofer [email protected] 050-680-8559