Israeli headhunters usually do not take money from the job seeker, but rather receive a commission from the company that is seeking to hire employees. For a full listing of Israeli headhunters, see: You can also find a list of headhunters in the Dapei Zahav (Yellow Pages) phone directory and in newspaper want-ad sections.

Below is a (limited) list of headhunters who have experience placing English speaking professionals. When contacting these headhunters, please mention that you received their names through Nefesh B’Nefesh.

  • RecruitIL, Israel’s complete recruitment network
    Specializing in placement for English-speakers and Internationals in business development, sales & marketing, finance, mobile + online advertising, marcom & social media, admin, PA + back office.,
  • Gvahim Career Program
    Gvahim’s Career Program is the only career development program in Israel tailor-made for skilled new immigrants (Olim) with an academic degree, and it runs inTel Aviv and in Jerusalem, where Gvahim is in partnership with the Municipality. The program offers workshops & interview simulations, individual HR consultations, one-on-one mentoring sessions, and active placement in top companies in Israel.
  • Tahl Wilson Recruiters
  • LEAP – Linking English and Professionalism
  • Minna Felig- Law Jobs
    03-6242976 (phone),,
    Legal head hunter who works primarily with Anglos; the web site is a useful resource for lawyers in Israel. Also recruits legal administrative personnel.
  • A-one Executive Recruitment
    Phone: 03-525-6001, Email:, Website:
    A-one is a boutique placement company specializing in legal placements.
  • Beth Katzman
    Marketing and Sales Headhunter – Exclusively places candidates in marketing and sales positions (hi-tech).  Candidates must have experience in B2B SAAS. Candidates who do NOT have experience in B2B SAAS and are NOT looking for employment in marketing and sales positions (hi-tech) will not receive a response.
  • DoNisha Hi-Tech: Personnel Agency
    (03) 972-5555 (phone), (03) 972-5550 (fax),
    Looking for experienced hi-tech professionals only
  • Ethosia
    Specializing in hi-tech, biotech, capital markets and executive positions.
    In Tel Aviv: 03-767-8999, In Haifa: 04-855-5720, Fax: 03-767-8998 (Hebrew)
  • Hever: Personnel Agency
    Place accountants, bilingual administrators, hi-tech, customer support. Also offer temporary employment opportunities. For a list of email address, please see: Please note that they do not usually deal with English speakers that need a primarily English speaking environment. In Jerusalem phone 02-623-4265 or fax 02-624-0239. In Tel Aviv phone: 03 519-0700.
  • JobTov
    Specializing in finding temporary and part time jobs for students and fresh graduates.
    Email: Tel: 03-745-0103
  • Join Digital Talent Agency
    Join Digital Talent Agency specializes in marketing, PPC, SEO and Content Management jobs.
    They have many jobs for English speakers on their website, which can be accessed at
  • L-il Executive Search
    L-il is a boutique executive search firm that specializes in targeted acquisition and headhunting of top talent candidates for our clients. Our expertise is recruiting C-level and key executives in the Life Sciences, High Tech, and other industries, providing personalized end-to-end executive search and headhunting services since 2008.
  • Mikum
    Headhunters in the Non-Profit sector, specializing in resource development roles with Israel based organizations. The consultation is fee-based.
    Gila Weinberg –
  • NGO Catalyst
    Headhunters in the Non-Profit sector, specializing in resource development roles with Israel based organizations.
    Rachel Canar –
  • Optimum Hitech – North
    Specializes in job placement in the hi-tech sector of northern Israel.
    Phone: 04-6292929
  • Pharma Job: pharmaceutical manpower services
    Dorit Salomon : 03-965-1158,,
    Placement of pharmaceutical professionals, biotechnology professionals and medical equipment staff; must have university degree in chemistry or biology.
  • Quest HR
    Helping ‘New and Old Olim’ for more than 20 years, we recruit for International & Local Companies
    In the fields of Hi-Tech, R & D, Sales & Marketing, Finance and Administration.
    Contact Michal or Sarit at 09 745 5567 or send CVs to or
    Meet us online at
  • Recruitment Group
    Ossie Schlossman
    Beit Ron, Ahuza 142, Raanana
    Tel: 09-745-3033, Fax: 057-794-5761, Email:
    Placement of English speaking professionals in Israel’s leading companies. Experience with marketing, administration, sales and technical positions.
  • Runner automatically forwards your resume to all relevant recruitment companies
  • SkillsIn
    Connects top talents with Technology jobs.
  • Tiud Ltd.
    Phone: 03-523-3226, Email:, Website:
    Since 1984, Tiud Ltd. provides technical documentation and marcom writing services to hi tech companies throughout the country. These services are offered in a variety of methods to fit both the company and the writer: full- and part-time placement, per project and retainer basis. We work with writers from a wide range of backgrounds and skill sets, as well as levels of experience. Please send resumes in Word format to:
  • Worldwide Jobs, Ltd.
    Affiliated with MRI (Management Recruiters International), the largest executive search firm in the world is open for business in Israel! With more than 1000 offices in 50+ countries around the world, we help Israeli companies looking to build a global presence or global companies looking to build an Israeli presence. We offer permanent placement, interim placement, virtual placement and RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) solutions to major corporations as well as small, entrepreneurial organizations. If you are looking to build a world-class leadership team, we are just a phone call away. With two offices in Israel, we can be reached at: or visit our website: For more information, please contact Barbara Ratner, Vice President and NBN Oleh, 2007 at #02-999-6280. Our entire staff is made up of NBN Olim!

Please note that Lishkat HaTaasuka, the government Employment Office, offers individual job counseling and assistance for job seekers as well as information about open positions in a wide range of fields. For a full listing of Lishkat Taasuka locations throughout Israel, see:

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