Converting your Foreign Driver’s License

||||Converting your Foreign Driver’s License

To obtain an Israeli driver’s license, the following steps must be completed. As part of the process, you will need to take a Mivchan Shlita, a practical driving test. The total cost of the driver’s license conversion is approximately 1000 NIS (for someone who passes the exam either the first or second time).

The timeframe for converting your license is three years.

You may drive on your foreign license (under international law) for one year from your Aliyah entry date.  However, if you entered Israel within 12 months prior to your Aliyah entry date, the year count will start from this entry date. For example, If your Aliyah date is August 15th, 2015, and you came on a pilot trip on February 15th, 2015, you may drive on your foreign license until February 15th, 2016.

Visit an optician affiliated with Teldor or Femi-Premium

Teldor and Femi-Premium are two private companies who provide services for Misrad Harishui. Click here for a listing of opticians around Israel who are affiliated with Teldor or Femi-Premium, or phone: Teldor: 1-900-722-222, or Femi-Premium: 03-5688140
When you visit the optician, bring with you your Teudat Zehut, and glasses or contact lenses (where relevant).
You will receive from the optician’s office, a Tofes Yarok, a green form printed by Misrad Harishui (Ministry of Vehicle Licensing). You will also be photographed, and you will have an eye examination.
Cost: The eye examination costs 50 NIS.

Fill Out the Hatsharat Briut
(Declaration of Health)

Part of the Tofes Yarok is a Hatsharat Briut, a declaration of health. Fill out this form, listing medications that may affect your driving.

Visit a Physician

Bring your Tofes Yarok to a physician to sign. The doctor will make a note on the form of any medications you take that may affect your driving.

It is strongly recommended to make a copy or take a picture (even on your phone) of your Tofes Yarok after it has been signed by the physician. Keep this copy for your records.

Go to Misrad Harishui

Bring your Tofes Yarok, Teudat Oleh and valid foreign driver’s license (issued more than 3 months prior to your Aliyah date) to a Misrad Harishui that handles license conversions to be stamped. For a list of Misrad Harishui offices that convert licenses, see the list at the top of this page: Misrad Harishui Offices. You can also go to or phone 1-222-5678 or *5678.

If you are participating in an NBN driver’s license fair, this step can be done at the fair.

Schedule Your Lesson(s) and a Practical Test

  1. Contact a driving instructor. You may ask your friends and neighbors for recommendations.
  2. Schedule either one or two driving lessons, as well as a practical driving test.
  3. Give your Hafnaya to your driving instructor.
  4. You will receive an Agrat Mivchan (a form indicating you must pay a fee for the test), to bring to the post office.

Cost: A lesson costs about 110 NIS on a manual car and 130 NIS on an automatic car; specify which type of car you drive. A test on an automatic car will only allow you to drive legally on automatic cars.

If you are participating in an NBN driver’s license fair, this step can be done at the fair.

Visit the Post Office

Bring your Agrat Mivchan to the post office.

Cost: 68 NIS. Make sure you obtain a receipt.

Take the Test

Bring your Teudat Zehut and the receipt from the post office, to give to your driving instructor. The instructor will phone you after the exam to let you know whether you passed, usually within a day or two.

In most cases, the driving tests are not private.  Be prepared to have at least one other person in the car with you, also taking their test.

If you have passed the instructor will give you your temporary license.

Cost: As of March 2016, the test costs 229 NIS.  This payment is for the use of the instructor’s car during the test.

Olim can take the conversion test up to two times before they reach the three-year limit on converting a foreign license. If they fail the conversion test two times they will need to take the full driving test (the one given to new drivers) in order to transfer their license. This test can be taken as many times as possible until three years have passed since Aliyah. If the Oleh reaches three years post-Aliyah without successfully converting their license, they will need to take a written theory test (in English) as well as the full driving test.

Return to the Post Office

Pay the fee to activate your temporary driver’s license. Your permanent license (photo ID) will be mailed to your home address listed on your Teudat Zehut within 8 weeks. Until the age of 65, you will need to renew your license every ten years; over the age of 65, you will need to renew it every two years.

Cost: 438 NIS for a 10 year license and 93 NIS for a 2 year license

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