Cholim Chadashim

2017-09-25T14:23:23+00:00 NBN Blogger Network|

I want to take a moment to address a misconception I believe a lot of people have about the Israeli climate. Israel has winter. Winter in Israel brings with it the usual crop of sniffles, the flu and the standard homegrown cold. In addition to all the standard ailments, a lot of olim are surprised to find themselves feeling ill for longer periods than they are used to or getting sick more often than they did back in their native countries.

Teudat Zehut – Israeli Identification

2017-11-08T15:27:41+00:00 Post Aliyah Government Processing|

Every Israeli adult is issued a Teudat Zehut (Israeli personal identification) upon turning 16. This document is made up of two parts - a card with personal information about the cardholder and a paper addendum (Sefach) which contains the personal information (name and ID numbers) of their immediate family members (spouse and children).