Expedited Driver’s License Conversion Regulations: FAQs

||||Expedited Driver’s License Conversion Regulations: FAQs


Below you will find answers to the most asked questions we have received about the new driver’s license conversion process, which was implemented on August 13, 2017.

NOTE: The Ministry of Transportation is still finalizing many of the details of this new procedure and we will update our site as we receive confirmed information.

CLICK HERE for the most up-to-date information we have about this new process.


Did Misrad HaTachbura pass legislation saying that Olim do not need to take a driver’s license exam?
Yes and no. Olim who have proof of having a full driver’s license for five years can convert their foreign licenses without need for eye exam, doctor exam and practical driving test. Nothing has changed for Olim who do not meet this criteria.

Did I have to have my full license for five years before making Aliyah?
No. It must have been valid for five years before the day you apply for the conversion.

Do I still need a Tofes Yarok?
Yes, you still need a Tofes Yarok (the form and picture). You DO NOT need to do an eye or doctor’s exam.

How long will my new license be valid for?
Misrad HaTachbura has announced that the license will be valid until you turn 70, but you will need to renew it every 10 years.

Has the timeline for converting my license after Aliyah changed from three years to five years?

How much will this new license conversion cost?
438 NIS for the license, plus no more than 50 NIS for the green form (Tofes Yarok).

What happens if I’ve already failed a few conversion tests (מבחן שליטה) in the past?
If you have already failed the conversion test twice you must do a practical driving exam to convert your license.

Can all Misrad Harishui offices convert licenses under the new procedure?
No, there are certain offices who convert licenses under the new procedure. Please look above for a list of which offices convert licenses under the new procedure.

Is there a distinction between manual and automatic licenses?
Misrad Harishui is most likely going to issue a general manual license that should cover both options.

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