Think about what type of volunteer work you’d be interested in doing and where in the country you would like to work. Be in touch with girls who have done things you are interested in and ask for their advice.

Get in touch with a Rakezet (coordinator) from one of the organizations (Bat Ami and Aguda have Anglo coordinators). They will help you sign up on the Sherut websites and with locating different organizations you might want to work for.

Sign up for Yom Sayerot

Yom Sayarot is a day to check out different Sherut Leumi opportunities. Generally speaking, you go for an interview, tour the facilities, learn more about the organization, and meet with the staff.

The dates for the Sayarot are usually published in January.  At this point you have about a week to sign up.  This can be done either through the Sherut websites or with the help of a Rakezet.  It is recommend to sign up as quickly as possible since spaces in the Sayerot are limited.

Sign up for 3-6 different Sayerot. You want to have choices but, at the same time, too many options can be confusing and over whelming.

Most Sayerot start around February but there are a few, including the Misrad HaBitachon, which start earlier in the year.

How to Sign up for a Yom Sayerot:

Sign up for each particular Sayerot is done through the website of the agency offering the particular job.  Search for the dates of the Sayerot (there is usually more than one) and hit the sign up button. You’ll receive email confirmation of your registration.

For Beit Hayeled ( orphanage) the process is a bit different and it involves additional steps- please check with the Sherut Leumi organizations.

Attend Yom Sayerot

Prepare for your interview:
To prepare for the interview portion of the day, practice answering basic questions about yourself in Hebrew –a basic description of yourself, why you want to work at this place, why you are the best choice for the job,  and memorize some vocabulary related to the field you’re applying to. Most of all don’t be nervous – the interview is for them to get to know you, but also for you to get a feel for them and decide if you want to work there.



  • Confirm your placement with the Sherut organization
  • Let your Rakezet know
  • Wait for the organization to contact you regarding the training seminar

Not Accepted

  • Don’t worry! There are other placements waiting for you
  • Attend the second round of Sayerot
  • Let your Rakezet know you are still searching

Please note:

*Unless you make Aliyah before you start your Sharut year you will not receive the Manak and Pkadon (money you receive at the end of the year).  Click here for more information about the benefits provided to Bnot Sherut.

*Lone Bnot Sharut can request to be in an apartment with other Bnot Sherut boddedot that will be equipped with certain amenities not in regular apartments, such as a washing machine, oven, and Wi-Fi. If you choose not to join one of these apartments, the Sherut organizations will try their best to assist you in receiving these services anyways.







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