In cooperation with the various Israeli Sherut Leumi organizations, Ori was created to provide a community and support system for the young women who have decided to commit to a year of national service in Israel.

Hebrew English Definition
בית הילד Beit Hayeled Orphanage
בנות שירות בודדות
Bnot Sherut Bodedot
Sherut Leumi volunteers without family in Israel
רב קו Rav Kav
Public transportation pass
דו”ח נוכחות Doch Nochachut
Attendance sheet
לשכת גיוס Lishkat Giyus
IDF Recruiting center
מענק Ma’anak
A sum of money that goes directly into your bank account after your service
משרד הביטחון Misrad HaBitachon
Ministry of Defense office
מתנדב/ת Mitnadev(et) Volunteer
אוריתה Oraita
Weekly learning
פיקדון Pikadon
A sum of money that can be used within 5 years of your service for certain purposes (studies, marriage, etc) , and is given after 5 years to all who finished one or two years of Sherut Leumi.
פטור Ptor Exemption
רבנות Rabbanute Rabbinate
רכזת Rakezet Coordinator
שאלון הכוון Shalon Hachven
Guidance questionnaire
שירות לאומי Sherut Leumi
National service
יום סייראות Yom Sayarote
“Open house” days when you tour the organization you are applying to for Sherut Leumi service
דמי כיס Dimei Kis Stipend
צוות Tzevet Staff
מחלקה Machlaka Department
מנהל/ת Minahel/et
Director / Principal
דירת שרות Dirat Sherute
Sherut Apartment
ימי מחלה Yimei Machala Sick days
ימי חופש Yimei Chofesh Vacation days

Last Updated: Feb 27, 2023

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