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Yael Katsman

Director, PR & Communications
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This week in Jerusalem: Orange is coming

Pic of the Day

Over 300 attend aliyah events across North America

It’s never too late to go home

101-year-old returns to Israel, where she was born

Nefesh B'Nefesh's 75,000th oleh

Jewish magic

Off To Israel

Mass aliyah now!

NBN Charter Flight

It’s Our Homeland

Welcome Home

It's a dream come true'

Inspiring: We're excited to come home

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The American Nightmare

The graveyard in my heart

Israel set for new aliyah challenges

Dr. Morton Mower dies

Inspiring: Meet the Zionist doctors

Doctors, bring your documents!

Aliyah or Ali-don’t?

Grapevine: Hagee’s turn

These 3 change-making women changed me

Meet Marcy Tatelbaum: 'Living in Israel is a Gift'

The new Florida? Record number of US retirees relocate to Israel

Welcome to the relocation fiar

Getting olim on the high-tech highway

The Gift of Home


Aliyah Rose by 30 Percent in 2021

Grapevine: New at Nefesh B'Nefesh

If you build it, they’ll come - opinion

Nefesh B’Nefesh celebrates Aliyah Week

Gratitude for the gift that is aliyah

Aliyah up 31% over 2020 numbers so far

Yom Kippur: The American Olim experience

Yom Kippur: Embracing a day of reinvention

1,000 Olim in August; An All-Time Monthly Record

Rekordeinwanderung aus Nordamerika

Here’s what I’m doing to keep Israel safe

Meet the hi-tech Olim finding job success

Lessons Learned Along the Road to Aliyah

Locals among 170+ olim who landed in Ben Gurion Airport

JBS News Update 8 August 2021

Zionism 2.0

Aliyah Chronicle 2.0

San Diego family among 104 new immigrants to Israel

Celebrating a Truly Independent Yom Haatzmaut

A Brighter Future

Aliyah Initiatives

For some people, aliyah begins at 90

Honoring my Catholic roots in Israel

Fair Lawn rabbi makes aliyah

Guilty plea in Goldstein case raises many questions

La Jolla family immigrates to Israel

A Year of Miracles

Aliyah in the Time of COVID

Pandemic Complicates Making Aliyah

Nefesh B’Nefesh makes the virtual pivot

Back Where I Belong

Campa-Najjar tells stands on Mideast Peace, BDS

Jerusalem to Olim: 'This is your home'

Coming Home to Jerusalem

Ringing in the New Year solo

Aliyah and the gift of a siddur

Aliyah During COVID-19

Record Interest in Aliyah

Opening A Bank Account

The Great Call

Making aliyah in their children’s footsteps

May wave of new aliyah requests

Coronavirus Drives Spike in Number of Diaspora Jews Volunteering for Israeli Army

Amid pandemic, 51 immigrants arrive from US


New Olim and communal responsibility - watch now

Veterans flourishing in their senior years

Boston native honored for contributions to Israel

270 Lone Soldiers Join IDF

Corona Didn't Stop Our Aliyah


Intro to Tech Writing Series

Lone soldiers and the coronavirus

Making aliyah during the pandemic

Why I choose to celebrate Passover alone

24 new olim to Israel arrive from US on group flight

It all started with water

How to retire to Israel

Live in Israel, work in the US

Zehava Arky— Morristown, New Jersey

Rabbi Avi and Leah Herzog—Fair Lawn, New Jersey

Statistics on aliyah over the decade

Nefesh B’Nefesh: Bringing Jews home

Identity rap comes to Israel

8 videos for 8 nights of Hanukkah 2019

Hanukkah activities for all to enjoy

Why they made Aliyah

I'm so glad I'm raising my kids in Israel-here's why

Aliyah workshop is December 15

I’m glad to be raising my kids in Israel

Thanksgiving in Israel – Year Two

Aliyah with a Chicago Flavor

A twin aliyah

Aliyah workshop

Events coming up in Jewish Chicago

Jewish Community Foundation’s ideas for Thanksgiving

The Challenge Of Moving To Israel

Sukkot Happenings for Singles

What stays and what gets left behind

Israel's New Citizens for the New Year

10 Alternatives to Politics and Elections in Jerusalem

When ‘some day’ becomes ‘today’

‘Making aliyah is really about the children’

Atlantan Makes Aliyah with Nefesh B'Nefesh

A Salute to NBN

An Aliyah Success Story: The Kami Klan

Olim spotlight: Rebekah Galinsky

NBN tops 60,000 olim

Former NBA Player Visits Sinai Temple Basketball Camp

Have you heard of Kibbutz Galuyot?

La Jolla's Uriel Green Makes Aliyah

Olim spotlight: Jordan Robins

On the other hand

How can we comfort God?

Coming Home

Your Investments: Welcome to Israel, Olim

Israel Welcomes 242 New Immigrants Home

Daughters of Prominent Jewish Leaders Make Aliyah

St. Louis family embarks on new life in Israel

Pilot trip brings mothers of lone soldiers to Israel

That Special Moment

The Herzogs of Teaneck Realize Dream of Making Aliyah

242 Make Aliyah This Week, Dozens from NJ

242 Olim from North America arrive in Israel

"Making Aliyah is Really About the Children"

242 New Olim To Make Aliyah After Tisha B’Av

242 New Olim To Make Aliyah After Tisha B’Av

Musings on Marking the Fifth Anniversary of Our Aliyah

Setting off on a new adventure

A New Lone-Soldier Initiative

An Inspirational Move

Israel Arrivals: No Regrets

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Profiles of New Olim

Five Years Later: A Family's Wartime Aliyah

Filling Israel’s Employment Gap

Brit on the Fourth of July

Zoe Shaw Has High Hopes For Israeli Softball

Aliyah Profile: A Book of Ruth Story

These young American women are moving to Israel to serve

The Issue of Respect

Apostille.net Can Simplify the Aliyah Process

Young women move to serve their new country