By: Aviva Goldberg, NBN Liaison, Post Aliyah & Advocacy Division

While you’re busy taking care of yourself and your family, let’s not forget about your faithful four-legged friend! Here’s a quick guide for all you need to know as a pet owner in Israel, with a focus on dogs, but some information applicable to cats as well.


  • All dogs must be vaccinated, registered, and have their licenses renewed annually (details below).
  • Dogs must be leashed in public spaces.
  • Dogs deemed to be of “dangerous breeds” must wear muzzles at all times when outside the home.
  • When it comes to public transportation, small dogs that can sit on a passenger’s lap can travel without an additional charge. Larger dogs require a paid ticket and must be leashed, muzzled, and well-behaved to not disturb other passengers.

Registration: The National Center for Dog Registration serves as the population registry for dogs in Israel, with each dog being assigned a 15-digit chip, akin to a human’s ID card. This chip helps identify lost pets and connect them with their families. We strongly recommend that all dog owners check this database to ensure their pet’s information is up to date. Your veterinarian can assist with updating this information. The database includes:

  • Owner’s name, address, and contact details.
  • Dog’s information, including sex, breed, name, and any special notes (e.g., if the dog is considered dangerous or a service dog).
  • Details of the dog’s license, including the issuing local authority, validity, last rabies vaccination date, and the vaccinating veterinarian’s name. While cats, reptiles, and birds can also be chipped, it’s not mandatory. Rabies vaccinations and license issuance can be done through your municipal or licensed veterinarian. Note that the fee for intact dogs is approximately 300 NIS higher than for neutered or spayed dogs.

Recommended Vaccines and Preventative Care: Vaccine requirements in Israel may differ from those in various parts of the US:

  • Rabies (Kalevet) vaccines are mandatory for dogs and necessary for license renewal, with annual administration. For cats, they are recommended but not mandatory.
  • Park worm vaccine is vital for Israeli dogs, given every three months to combat this prevalent parasite.
  • Hexagonal Vaccine (Mshushe) provides protection against six main viral and bacterial infections for dogs in Israel, typically administered once a year.
  • Quadruple Vaccine (Meruba) safeguards against the primary viral and bacterial infections for cats in Israel and is also recommended annually.
  • Anti-worm pills (Tola’at) are essential for preventing parasitic worms in the digestive systems of both dogs and cats, recommended biannually.
  • Flea and tick prevention is advisable year-round in Israel, with options including pills, collars, and drops, depending on your pet’s needs.

Emergency Care: While veterinary clinics are widespread in Israel, only a few operate 24/7. Consult your veterinarian for guidance on where to seek emergency care. Some veterinary emergency rooms in the country are listed below for your reference.

Sharon and Center
Beit Berel Chavat Daat 09-7431117
Herzliya Beit Cholim Vetrinary 09-966133
Kfar Hayarok Beit Cholim Vetrinary 03-6495050
Petach Tikva Vetrinary Toran 03-9232020
Beit Dagan Beit Cholim Vetrinary 03-9688533
Modi’in Area Ben Shemen Tipul Nimratz 08-6280200
Modi’in Moked Cherum 072-3971550
Jerusalem Area Kiryat Anavim Vet Cholim 02-9922628
South Rechovot Beit Cholim Vetrinary 08-9390738
Ashdod Beit Cholim Vetrinary 08-8673666

Pet Insurance: Pet insurance is available for cats and most dog breeds under the age of 8. Some companies may have additional requirements for insuring “dangerous breeds” or might not offer coverage for them. Cats must be vaccinated against rabies to qualify for insurance. Several pet insurance companies offer varying coverage, costs, and deductibles. It’s advisable to compare options and speak with different providers to find the best fit for your pet’s needs. Most insurance policies do not cover yearly vaccines, teeth cleaning, or spaying/neutering, but some clinics may offer membership programs that include these services. Check with your clinic.

Notable Pet Insurance Providers:

  • Marpet: Specializes exclusively in pet insurance and works directly with certain veterinary clinics. This provider covers yearly vaccines.
  • Chayuta: Offers pet insurance and reimburses payments to the pet owner. You can receive care at any clinic in the country.
  • Phoenix and Libre: Phoenix’s best friend pet insurance is part of a larger company that reimburses payments to the pet owner and allows care at any clinic in the country.

*Last updated on September 14, 2023*

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