Checked Luggage:

2 pieces per person
Max weight: 50 pounds (23 kg)
Dimensions: Total dimensions should not exceed 62 inches (length + width + height). EL AL has the right to charge you a fee if the bag’s dimensions exceed 62 inches.

Carry-on Baggage:

One carry-on item per person that can weigh up to 17 lbs (8 kg) and total dimensions can measure up to 50 inches, as well as a small personal item (pocketbook, purse etc.).

Additional/Overweight Luggage:

The charge for a 3th bag is $150 and a 4th bag is $235. If you plan to bring more than 4 pieces of luggage per person contact EL AL Cargo in advance at 011-972-3-971-6679 and notify [email protected].
If you are bringing overweight or oversized luggage please see EL AL’s website for details and rates.
Be advised, EL AL has the absolute discretion to charge for oversized, overweight, and additional luggage as per their guidelines.

Arrival Schedule:

  1. Exiting the Plane:
    1. Make sure you wear your name tag and hat, received from NBN before check-in, in order to help our staff locate you.
    2. NBN staff will direct you to meet in a designated location before heading to passport control as a group.
    3. Olim who require a wheelchair, and who have pre-requested one, will be taken to passport control by a handicap-accessible vehicle directly from the plane.
  2. Passport Control: Your passport and Aliyah visa (if applicable) will be stamped. Then the group is bussed over to Misrad Haklita’s office in Terminal 1 (the old terminal) to finalize your Aliyah.
  3. Misrad Haklita & Misrad Hapnim:
    1. Misrad Haklita will distribute information and documentation relating to your Aliyah Benefits.
    2. Depending on your Aliyah status you may receive some or all of the following benefits: Free Taxi Voucher, Kupat Cholim registration form (Health Insurance form), first installment of Sal Klita, Teudat Oleh, etc…
    3. Olim Chadashim may register for health insurance at the airport.
    4. Misrad Hapnim will issue Teudat Zehut at the airport for those who qualify.
      1. Coffee, cold drinks and light refreshments are available, in addition to a Beit Knesset and children’s play area.
    5. Baggage Claim & Pets: Once everyone is processed, the group is bussed back to Terminal 3 to collect luggage and pet(s). Olim with in-cabin pets may be processed separately in Terminal 3.
    6. Leaving the Airport & Taxis:
      1. After you pass through customs, staff will direct you to the Taxi Stand designated for Olim using their free taxi voucher.
      2. Olim not utilizing the taxi voucher must notify an NBN staff member before leaving the airport.
    7. Guests meeting you at Ben Gurion Airport
      1. Family and friends greeting you at Ben Gurion Airport are advised to arrive at the Terminal 3 Arrivals Hall around 3-3.5 hours after the flight lands.
      2. It may take longer than 4 hours for everyone to be processed and collect their luggage.
      3. Disabled Olim might receive expedited processing.  If so, their processing should be completed 1-2 hours after landing.
      4. Only Olim are allowed in the free Taxi. Family and friends greeting you at the airport will need to arrange their own transportation.

Phones are available in Misrad HaKlita for Olim to call family members and update them on processing times.

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