If you’ve spent extended time in Israel prior to making Aliyah, certain benefits may be affected. Different government offices have their own policies regarding these situations, and consequently, the implications vary depending on the benefit in question.

Some government offices will not issue a confirmation of your eligibility for benefits until after you’ve made Aliyah.

The time periods spent in Israel are cumulative. Any visit to Israel, irrespective of its length, is added to the calculation. The only exceptions are time served in the IDF or Sherut Leumi prior to your Aliyah, and up to 12 months spent in Israel on a MASA program will not be included in these calculations.

Important Note:

For all the benefits mentioned below EXCEPT Sal Klita: Anyone who studied in a recognized institute in Israel, their time in university is NOT counted as a previous stay (up to 3 years) in Israel. In addition, anyone who studied in a recognized institute in Israel has ONE additional year following their time in university to stay in Israel without it counting as a previous stay in Israel, as long as this year is spent on an approved program as mentioned above. This is up to a total of four years and not a day longer. This does not apply to Ezrachim Olim and Ktinim Chozrim.

Overstaying beyond the above approved stays will result in the whole accumulated time being counted as previous stays, and will be held against you in calculating your eligibility for Aliyah benefits.
The only exception to this is time spent at an approved MASA program and serving in the IDF or Sherut Leumi as mentioned above.

The following table does NOT apply to Ktinim Chozrim.


Olim who spent more than 5 years in Israel (total) in the 7 years prior to receiving Oleh StatusOlim who spent more than 3 years in Israel(total)during the 7 years prior to receiving Oleh StatusOlim who spent more than 24 months in Israel (total) during the 3 years prior to receiving Oleh StatusPeriod of Eligibility
Sal Klita

Not Eligible

Not Eligible

Not Eligible
(* the only exceptions are MASA programs and IDF/National Service)
Six monthly payments after making Aliyah

EligibleFree healthcare (if not employed) for the first 6-12 months
UlpanNot Eligible
EligibleFree Ulpan for 5 months, available during the first 18 months after Aliyah
Rent SubsidyNot Eligible
Case by Case

Eligible for 2 years of rent subsidy.

The benefit begins in the 8th month of Aliyah.
EligibleMonthly payments of rental subsidy, beginning the 8th month of Aliyah through the 5th year of Aliyah.

MortgageNot Eligible

Should refer to Misrad Haklita

Case by Case
The Oleh mortgage is limited, and granted for 3 years after making Aliyah.EligibleFor Olim making Aliyah after January 1997, eligibility is for 15 years after making Aliyah.

Income Tax Reduction


Has to present:

1.”Tamzit Rishum from Mirsham Hauchlisin” provided by Misrad Hapnim.

2. Passport with stamped Aliyah visa
EligibleEligibleUp to 42 months after making Aliyah.

Customs Benefits


1. Should get a letter from Misrad Haklita

2. Tamzit Rishum

EligibleUp to 3 years after making Aliyah.


Not Eligible

EligibleEligibleReduction in municipal taxes is available for one 12 month period within the first two years after Aliyah.

Subsidized BA or MA if studying at an institution recognized by the Student Authority

Not Eligible

Eligibility for subsidized tuition for one year only. Length of eligibility depends on the time spent in Israel before making Aliyah.

Case by Case

For example: If you spent 4 years in Israel before Aliyah, you will have to start studying within a year (maximum a stay of 5 years in Israel)
EligibleUp to 3 years after Aliyah and within the required age limit.

Last updated on May 5, 2019

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