There is so much paperwork involved in planning your Aliyah that you might forget about some other key aspects that require your attention to set yourself up for success in Israel. Among other things, you need to consider finding a place to live, understanding your healthcare options and rights, and organizing your finances.

Choosing your community

Choosing a new community is something all Olim must do. As a retiree, you have more geographical freedom, as you are not tied to a location for a job. You should consider where in Israel you might have friends and family and speak to them about their communities. You can join local Facebook groups to ask residents about everything you want to know about community life such as housing prices, activities, public transportation, social clubs, and night life.

Check out our communities database here.


Making Aliyah later in life means leaving a medical system you are comfortable with and accustomed to. Israel has a totally different healthcare system, which is somewhat socialized, with options to purchase private insurance. Public health funds must accept everyone, regardless of preexisting conditions. It is important to understand what the different options offer when making Aliyah, and to investigate the perfect plan for you and your health needs.

Learn more about the Israeli healthcare system here.


As a retiree, you may be coming to Israel with a fixed income or pension. It is important to research what your expenses will be in Israel in order to budget accordingly. You need to learn about taxes, bringing money to Israel, and navigating a new financial system.

Read about financial planning and check out some of our sample budgets here.

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