An individual who is entitled to health coverage (see Healthcare Overview) and, prior to registering with a Kupat Cholim, requires medical care, will need to pay for the treatment independently. You may request reimbursement from Misrad Habriut (Ministry of Health) by submitting the required documents to:

הועדה לאישור החזרים כספיים, באמצעות נציבות הקבילות, משרד הבריאות, רח’ ירמיהו 39, ירושלים

Required Documents:

  1. Reimbursement Request Form
  2. Copy of Teudat Oleh/Zakaut or Teudat Toshav Chozer
  3. All receipts and/or commitments of payment (if there are multiple requests, the individual receipts should be submitted in separate envelopes)
  4. All discharge letters and any other documentation that indicates the medical treatment that was provided
  5. A detailed list of all medical services received, locations, dates and costs

It is very important to keep in mind that this is a lengthy process that can take several months before you receive an answer.

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