If you are unsatisfied with your Kupat Cholim (Health Plan) or feel that you can be better serviced by a different Kupah, you may switch to a new Kupah at any time.

Due to recent regulation change, an Oleh can now change their initial Kupat Cholim selection within 14 days of their Aliyah date. This can be done in the post office.

Beyond the first 14 days of your Aliyah, you can switch your Kupat Cholim online through the Bituach Leumi website. Please note that the service is only available in Hebrew. The service is available at this link . From the home page, choose the option Maavar Bein Kupot Cholim (from the menu on the right side of the screen).

Alternatively, you can change your Kupah at the post office by following the steps below:

    1. Go to any post office branch with your Teudat Zehut and complete a Tofes Maavar (transfer form). You will be required to pay a nominal fee.
    2. Take the transfer form to the administrative offices of the new Kupat Cholim. Your registration will only go into effect based on the dates listed in the chart below. Once the registration goes into effect, you will receive a new magnetic card and will have the opportunity to join your new Kupah’s supplementary and long-term insurance plans.
    3. Request your Tik Refui (medical file) from your old Kupah to be transferred to the new health plan. You may want to check that the transfer has been completed.
    4. You may cancel your application to switch your Kupat Cholim at the post office, by the last date for applications.

Please note that switching your Kupat Cholim is not an immediate process. There is a waiting period before the transfer takes effect – please see the chart below. During the waiting period, your old Kupat Cholim is required to provide you with the services you need.

If you apply to switch between the dates:

Sept 16
to Nov 15

Nov 16
to Jan 15

Janu 16
to Mar 15

Mar 16
to May 15

May 16
to July 15

July 16
to Sept 15

New Kupat Cholim membership goes into effect:

Jan 1

March 1

May 1

July 1

Sep 1

Nov 1

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