Kupot Cholim (Health Plans)

Clalit Health Services

Website: http://www.clalit.co.il/HE-IL/english
Phone: 1-222-2700 or *2700 from Israel
Email: http://www.clalit.co.il/HE-IL/contactus/ombudsman/ (Hebrew)

Leumit Health Fund

Website: https://leumit.pigment-adv.co.il/join-en/?BannID=19597
Phone: 1-700-507-507 or *507
E-mail: https://www.leumit.co.il/eng/Useful/ContactUs/

Maccabi Healthcare Services

Website: http://www.maccabi4u.co.il
Phone: 1-700-505-353 or *3555

Meuhedet Health Fund

Website: https://www.meuhedet.co.il/en/ (English)
Phone: 1-222-3833 or *3833 from Israel
E-mail: [email protected]

Government Offices

Misrad Habriut (Ministry of Health)

Website: http://www.health.gov.il/english/
Website: call.health.gov.il (Hebrew)

Misrad Harevacha (Ministry of Social Affairs)

Website: http://www.molsa.gov.il/ (Hebrew)

Bituach Leumi (National Insurance Institute)

Information on health insurance, disabilities, etc.
Website: http://www.btl.gov.il/English%20Homepage/Pages/default.aspx

Insurance Plans for Returning Residents

Clalit Chul for Residents Abroad

Website: https://travel.clalit.co.il/pages/default.aspx
Phone: 1-866-MASHLIM toll free from the US

Maccabi Darkonaim for Returning Residents

1-700-505-353 toll free in Israel

Medical Transport and Medical Equipment

Yad Sarah

Main telephone number: *6444
Medical equipment loan: 02-644-4444

Ezer Mitzion

Website: https://ezermizion.org/
Phone: 03-614-4572

Mental Health Resources

Get Help Israel

Website: https://gethelpisrael.com/ 

Enosh – the Israel Mental Health Association

Website: https://www.enosh.org.il/en/english/ 
Phone: 03-5400672

Eran – Emotional First Aid by Telephone

Website: https://en.eran.org.il/ 
Hotline: dial 1201

Emergency Medical Services

Terem – Emergency Medical Services

Website: http://www.terem.com
Phone: 1-599-520-520

Magen David Adom (MADA) – Ambulance Services

Website: http://www.mdais.org/
Phone: Dial 101

Doctors’ Channel YouTube

Doctors’ Channel YouTube is a non-profit initiative, approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health, and aimed at making important medical information more friendly & available to the general public. It provides objective and reliable healthcare & patients’ rights information. Over 75 leading physicians from 17 hospitals and medical centers all across Israel participate in the channel voluntarily. The videos are in Hebrew with English subtitles. Click here for more information.

* Last updated on May 3, 2023 *

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