Tipat Chalav is a system of clinics that provide community public health services, primarily to infants and toddlers (well-baby clinics). The Tipot Chalav are administered by district health offices (Lishkat Briut Ezorit) and are staffed mainly by public health nurses. Additional staff include physicians, dieticians, health consultants and social workers.

The aims of Tipat Chalav include:

  1. Preventing the spread of infectious diseases via vaccinations
  2. Early identification of developmental problems via routine checkups
  3. Prevention of health problems in the community
  4. Preventive health education and promotion throughout the life cycle to improve health and minimize illness

Services for Infants and Toddlers

Newborns are referred to Tipat Chalav upon their discharge from the hospital. Following the initial visit to Tipat Chalav in the first weeks of life, there is a regular schedule of visits through age six. At age six, a child’s file is transferred from Tipat Chalav to the school system, where Tipat Chalav staff continue to provide services throughout the school years.

Services for infants and toddlers include:

  • Vaccinations
  • Routine developmental and growth checkups
  • Hearing, vision and communication testing
  • Education about child development and growth
  • Consultation and referral to additional diagnosis and treatment, if necessary

Setting Up an Initial Visit with Tipat Chalav

Upon arrival in Israel as Olim Chadashim, parents of babies and children under age six should contact their local Tipat Chalav clinic, in order to schedule an intake appointment. Follow-up appointments will be scheduled as necessary. It is important to bring your child’s vaccination record for assessment by Tipat Chalav.

Services for Pregnant Women

Tipat Chalav also offers services for pregnant women.  These services are often duplicated by the health plans and may be accessed in either place. The services include:

  • Routine developmental checkups by nurse and physician
  • Information about various testing options
  • Consultation regarding hereditary and genetic diseases
  • Education about vitamin supplements
  • Education and advice about improving quality of life including smoking cessation, proper diet, dental care, dealing with stress, exercise and preparation for birth and nursing

To access these services, contact your local Tipat Chalav clinic to schedule an appointment.

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