Misrad Hashikun (Ministry of Housing) offers Olim Chadashim monthly rental assistance beginning from the 8th month after Aliyah. 

The period of eligibility for rental assistance is up to five years from the date of receiving Oleh status.

The level of assistance will be defined according to your family status, and the number of years you have resided in Israel.

Rental Assistance payments are deposited automatically into your bank account starting in your 8th month of Aliyah, using the information that is updated in Misrad Haklita’s system.

Here is a table which includes the distribution amounts for rental assistance:

Number of Months in Israel

Single Oleh

Oleh Family

Single Parent Family

*8-12 223 NIS 402 NIS 402 NIS
13-24 (second year after Aliyah) 400 NIS 800 NIS 800 NIS
25-36 (third year after Aliyah) 400 NIS 600 NIS 600 NIS
37-48 (fourth year after Aliyah) 400 NIS 400 NIS 400 NIS
49-60 (fifth year after Aliyah) 89 NIS 99 NIS 223 NIS
61-72 (sixth year after making Aliyah) 134 NIS

From the 8th month of your Aliyah the rental assistance will be deposited automatically into your bank account.

However, there are certain cases where the assistance will not start automatically or will stop during the time you are still eligible to receive.

  1. Change of bank account

If you change your bank account, you will need to inform Misrad Hashikun directly by emailing them or sending them a letter that includes:

  • Your request/question
  • First and last name
  • Teudat Zehut number
  • Address and phone number
  • New bank account number
  • Name and number of the bank branch
  • Void check or official bank details document proving ownership of the account (in Hebrew this is called Ishur Nihul Cheshbon- אישור ניהול חשבון)

Please note that if you are receiving assistance as a family, you must have a joint account and both names must appear on your bank account. The email address that you can send these documents to is [email protected]. If you are sending a letter by mail, it should go to: Misrad Hashikun, Agaf Ikhlus/Kitsba’ot, POB 18110, Jerusalem 91180, or to the Fax number: 02-584-7708.

  1. Marital status

If you changed your marital status since your Aliyah, you are married to an Israeli or you are married to a veteran Oleh, the assistance will not be automatic. In order to receive the assistance you will need to go to one of the rental assistance companies to open a file and issue a ‘Teudat Zakaut’ (Eligibility Certificate) . This is in order for the companies to check that your spouse is not receiving and hasn’t received rental assistance already.

If you are married to a veteran Oleh, regardless of his or her age during Aliyah, the new Oleh may be joined to the veteran Oleh’s Rental Assistance benefit timeline.
If the veteran Oleh has passed the period of eligibility, the new Oleh may not be eligible for this benefit, regardless of whether the veteran Oleh received the benefit or not.
If married to an Israeli, you will be eligible for this benefit as a single.

Important Note: The Teudat Zakaut for rental assistance has an expiration date and needs to be periodically renewed (every year or two), so make sure you keep track of the dates. If the Teudat Zakaut expires, payment will be stopped and there is no guarantee that you will receive retroactive payments.

In order to open a file you will need:

  • Both spouses need to attend with their marriage certificate.
  • Teudat Zehut and Sefach (addendum), for both husband and wife, showing that you are married (if you are not registered in Misrad Hapnim you will need to do this first, see: Registering for Marriage)
  • Teudat Oleh showing both spouses (If you are both not on the Teudat Oleh, you will need go to Misrad Haklita and update your marriage there).
    If your spouse is an Israeli citizen, you will get a stamp from Misrad HaKlita on your Teudat Oleh that your spouse is Israeli, instead of having your spouse added to your Teudat Oleh.
  • 30 NIS fee for opening a file, which can generally only be paid in cash.

Note: They will only pay up to 3 months retroactively of rental assistance that were missed.

Click here for the rental assistance companies listing.

  1. Travel Abroad

If you travel abroad for a period of two months or more, your rent assistance will be temporarily discontinued. Upon your return, you must notify Misrad Hashikun in order for them to reinstate your payments. Please note: There is no extension of the period of eligibility if you have traveled abroad.

  1. Purchase of property

If you purchase a property, own a property or previously owned a property within the 10 years prior to your Aliyah, your rent subsidies will be permanently discontinued once Misrad Hashikun has this information updated in the ministry’s computer system.

If you have purchased a home on paper, but are still renting, you should contact one of the Rental Assistance companies and present your contract of purchase, your rental contract, your Teudat Zehut and your Teudat Oleh.

This will be in order to prove you are still renting and cannot move into your newly purchased property.

  1. Living in subsidized government housing

If you live in a Merkaz Klita/Ulpan housing, you are not eligible to receive Rental Subsidy as you are not renting. Upon leaving the subsidized housing, you will need to request an Approval of Leaving (מכתב עזיבה) letter, stating your name, Teudat Zehut number and date you left the Merkaz Klita/Ulpan housing. Send this letter along with the other documents stated above to Misrad Hashikun at the email [email protected] or by fax to 02-5847708.

  1. Service in the IDF/ Sherut Leumi
  • Soldiers serving in the IDF are entitled to assistance up to 5 years after their Aliyah at a rate of 402 NIS per month while in active duty. Once released, they will receive payments according to the normal timetable as seen above.
  • Lone soldiers/Lone Bnot Sherut– Olim Chadashim are entitled to Rental Assistance from Misrad Hashikun (The Ministry of Housing) on a monthly basis until the end of the fifth year of Aliyah. Serving in the army affects this benefit in a few ways. While serving in the army, soldiers are entitled to payments of 402 nis per month. As part of a new initiative, this will happen automatically and there is no need to go to a Rental Assistance company in order to activate payments. The payments will be automatically transferred into the bank account which Misrad Haklita has on file. When released, a soldier will need to turn to a Rental Assistance company in order to open a file so as to continue receiving payments. If s/he is  still within the eligibility period of 5 years (60 months), s/he will be put back into the appropriate bracket. For example: If s/he released in the second, third or fourth year of their Aliyah, s/he will receive 400 nis per month.  If  s/he is in the fifth year of Aliyah, s/he  will receive 89 nis per month. Upon finishing one’s full eligibility for the Rental Assistance benefit, one must once again go to the same Rental Assistance company s/he has opened a file with, right after one’s release in order to receive a Released Oleh Lone Soldier extension. The extension is given only after applying to the Rental Assistance company. Make sure to apply right after one’s 60 month of Aliyah is up, as one can only receive payments retroactively for up to 3 months. For example: If you turn to the Rental Assistance company in the fourth month following your release, you will lose out on 1 month’s payment. The extension is given for the amount of months one served in the Army/Sherut Leumi (maximum 36 months) at the rate of 400 nis per month. Please bring the following forms:
    • Teudat Zehut
    • Official Bank Details document (Ishur Nihul Cheshbon) or cancelled check
    • Teudat OlehZakaut
    • Teudat Shichrur from the army, or Ishur Al Meshech Sherut (document stating how many months you served)
    • Teudat Zakaut from Rental Assistance company

    For additional information and eligibility for Olim Chayalim Bodedim:

    Shaul Gibenber- Lone Soldier Olim Coordinator in Misrad Haklita: [email protected]

If your assistance was temporarily discontinued, or if you have not received your rent assistance for any other reason, please contact us at: [email protected]

There are certain groups who receive additional rental assistance:

  • Single parent families are entitled to assistance six years from their date of Aliyah – Rental assistance companies listing.
  • Olim who receive income support from Bituach Leumi (elderly Olim, single-parent families with income support etc.) are entitled to extended rent assistance on the condition that they are both recipients of these benefits from Bituach Leumi, and are defined as “without housing”.

For general personalized information- Misrad Habinui Vhashikun hotline: *5442

Last Updated: 22 February, 2023

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