Bituach Leumi (National Insurance Institute) offers a monthly stipend to all Israeli citizens based on the number of children under age 18 in their family. You are eligible for this benefit immediately following your Aliyah.

Your child allowance benefit should automatically begin 2-3 weeks after your Aliyah. You do not need to sign up in person; Bituach Leumi automatically receives the information regarding your children and their ages from Misrad Hapnim and your bank account information from Misrad Haklita.

We suggest checking your bank account to see that the money was transferred. If, for some reason, you didn’t receive it within 60 days of your Aliyah, we advise you to contact your local office of Bituach Leumi.

The claim for children born in Israel is submitted by the hospital in which the child was born. For this purpose, the mother must bring her and her spouse’s ID cards to the hospital, and provide the hospital with the number of her bank account. The child allowance is paid on the 20th of each month and is transferred to the bank account of the child’s mother or the joint account of the mother and her spouse. If the mother has a debt to the National Insurance Institute, the Institute is entitled to deduct the debt sum from the allowance sum, until the entire debt is cleared.

Rates of Child Allowance

The rates of child allowance, as of January 1, 2019 (in NIS):

The amount of the allowance is determined by the number of children in the family, by their birth dates and by whether or not the family is entitled to a subsistence benefit from the Bituach Leumi. The amount of the allowance is according to these three factors:

1. For children who were born up to May 31, 2003:

Place of child in family — children who were born on June 1, 2003 or later Amount of allowance for that child
1st 152 NIS
2nd 191 NIS
3rd 191 NIS
4th 191 NIS
5th and subsequent 152 NIS

2. For children who were born on June 1, 2003 or later:

Place of child in family — children who were born up to May 31, 2003 Amount of allowance for that child
1st 152 NIS
2nd 191 NIS
3rd 191 NIS
4th 340 NIS
5th and subsequent 359 NIS

3. Increment for recipient of one of the following benefits from the National Insurance Institute: an income support benefit, maintenance, an old-age pension with income supplement or a survivors’ pension with income supplement.

Recipients of those benefits receive an increment to the child allowance for the third and fourth children in the family, added the amount indicated above. The increment is NIS 105 (as of 01.01.2017) for each child.

To verify the amount of child allowance your family will receive, please use Bituach Leumi’s online calculator (in Hebrew) or you may call 02-646-9666. Note that the child allowance is granted for children up to age 18 who reside in Israel.

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