A Mishpachat Olim is a family where one spouse is a new Oleh, Katin Chozer (returning minor) or Ezrach Oleh (Oleh citizen) and the other spouse is a Toshav Chozer, (returning Israeli citizen). In order to qualify as a Mishpachat Olim, the family must have at least one child born abroad prior to the eligible parent receiving his or her Oleh status. *Please note that the child must be a minor and making Aliyah with the parents in order for the family to be considered a Mishpachat Olim.

In general, a Mishpachat Olim is entitled to all Aliyah benefits received by any new Oleh family, including customs and housing. However, while the spouse who is an Oleh Chadash will be entitled to all individual Oleh benefits (such as free Ulpan study or subsidized university tuition), the spouse who is a Toshav Chozer will NOT be entitled to these individual benefits.

There are some differences in the Aliyah benefits received by a Mishpachat Olim:

Customs benefits:

If your Israeli spouse is approved as a Toshav Chozer and has already used customs benefits in the past, consult with your Aliyah Shaliach or the Customs Authority in order to clarify what your spouse is entitled to upon returning to Israel.

Free Ticket to Israel:

If your Israeli spouse is approved as a Toshav Chozer, he or she will be granted a free one-way ticket. If the family has any children who were born in Israel, those children will NOT be eligible for a free one-way ticket. Note, if the Toshav Chozer is flying independently of the rest of his family, you should consult directly with your Aliyah Shaliach

Sal Klita:

If your Israeli spouse is approved as a Toshav Chozer, your family will receive the same amount of Sal Klita (absorption basket) as any new Oleh family. However, the first payment received at Ben Gurion Airport will be the amount given to a single individual (not a married couple), plus a stipend for each child; after your family meets with the local office of Misrad Haklita and a the Toshav Chozer spouse will be added to the Teudat Oleh (Aliyah booklet) of the Oleh spouse, you will receive the payment you are entitled to as a family. This benefit is subject to eligibility, based on the amount of time the family has spent in Israel in the seven years prior to Aliyah.

Health Insurance:

A Toshav Chozer may have a waiting period before being eligible to enroll for health coverage through Bituach Leumi (the National Insurance Institute). A new Oleh and minor children are eligible to receive health coverage immediately upon returning to Israel. Even though the they are eligible, the kids will not be able to register for health insurance along with the Oleh parent at the airport and will be included in the registration of the Toshav Chozer spouse at the local office of Bituach Leumi. Please note: minor children are covered with health insurance upon arrival, even if they weren’t registered by their Toshav Chozer parent yet.

For more details on the waiting period for Returning Residents, please click here.

This article was last updated on May 23, 2019.

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