Starting October 1, 2021, your driver’s license (with photo ID) is valid until the age of 70, except in the following cases, in which it is only valid for a 2 or 5-year period. If your driver’s license was issued prior to October 1, 2021, and it has an expiration date, then you will need to get it renewed even if you are under the age of 70.

2-year Period

  • New driver (first-time license holder)
  • Professional License holders 70 years old and above (public transport vehicle, heavy goods vehicle, security vehicle, or children transport vehicle)
  • Drivers 80 years old and above

5-year Period

  • A 5-year license is issued following completion of the 2-year new driver period.
  • Professional License holder between the ages of 60-70
  • Drivers 70 years old and above

How Do I Renew My License?

The renewal date appears on your license and, to make it easier to remember, it is identical to your date of birth. About one month prior to your renewal date, you will receive a new temporary paper license with an attached payment voucher in the mail. This is your license renewal and if you do not receive it, notify Misrad Hatachbura (Ministry of Transport and Road Safety) at telephone *5678 or 1-222-5678 (or overseas at +972-3-969-5678). The driving license is renewed automatically after you have paid the license fee unless you are bound by disqualification, unpaid fines, or a medical condition. You can pay the driver’s license fee online, by phone by calling Rishuy Kol at *5678, at the licensing office, or at a self service stand. When you pay online, by phone or at a self service stand, you’ll be emailed your temporary license, which you will need to print.

  • If you need to change your first namechange your last name  or change your address on your driver’s license, you’ll need to register your name with the Population Authority before you pay for the new driver’s license
  • You cannot use a receipt of payment as a driver’s license, only the temporary license that you got by email or mail, after you’ve paid

If you are over the age of 75 or over the age of 60 and drive for a living, with the renewal form you will receive an additional form to have signed by your optometrist and your general practitioner. The form will be mailed to your address approximately half a year prior to your license renewal date. This form will be submitted to Misrad Harishui with the license renewal form.
If you would like to submit this paperwork in advance, you can do so by mailing via postal service:

אגף הרישוי, מחלקת עדכון ובקרה, ת.ד. 270, חולון 5810201.

Misrad Harishui does not accept registered mail.

Not receiving the renewal does NOT exempt you from the responsibility of renewing the license. You are responsible for renewing your license, whether or not you receive the renewal.

Lost or Stolen Licenses

If your license is lost, stolen, defaced or destroyed, you can order a duplicate license from Misrad Hatachburah’s call center at *5678 or 1-222-5678 (or overseas at 03-942-1920) or receive it on the spot at the License Bureau. You can also use any of the Automated Licensing Machines placed all around the country, locations can be found here. The license becomes valid only upon payment of a license fee.

When Will I Receive the New License?

The license renewal form will be sent to the address appearing under your name on the Interior Ministry register, approximately one month before the renewal date.

Your new photo license should be received at your address within 2-3 months of payment. If you did not receive the license renewal, or your paid license did not arrive within one month, please contact:

  • Misrad Hatachbura’s call center at telephone *5678 or 1-222-5678 (or from overseas 03-942-1920).
  • Your district License Bureau
  • The Driver’s License Issuing Center: 08-994-9700

* Last updated on May 29, 2024 *

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