Note: This article explains how to register for marriage with the Israeli Rabbanut (Rabbinate). It does not apply to those looking to register a marriage that was performed outside of Israel.


How to register:

Open a marriage file (“tik nissuin”) at your local religious council anytime between 90 and 21 days before the wedding. If you previously opened a marriage file with another partner, you must first cancel the earlier file at the religious council where it was opened before opening a new file. For a complete listing of local religious councils in your area please visit

The bride and groom will be referred to separate instructors on the laws of family purity (taharat hamishpahcha) for classes they will take prior to the wedding. If the bride and groom already have instructors, the teachers will need to provide a letter verifying that the course was completed.

What to bring:

  1. Teudat Zehut – (If you are a tourist, you will need to present a valid foreign passport)
  2. Three identical passport photos for each the bride and groom
  3. Birth Certificate (requested at some branches)
  4. Proof of Judaism – letter from a recognized Rabbi abroad stating that you are Jewish and born to a Jewish mother. Additionally, the letter must state that you are single.If you are a convert, please make sure to bring your official conversion papers and an accompanying letter from your rabbi (if you converted abroad).
  5. Parents’ ketubot
  6. Divorce Certificate (if applicable)
  7. Death Certificate of spouse (if applicable)
  8. Witnesses (Edim) – The bride and groom have to bring two people who will testify they know the bride/groom as single. If you reside outside the jurisdiction of the local religious council, you will have to provide a “Teudat Ravakut” from your local religious council.The witnesses cannot be immediate relatives of the bride or groom.
  9. Copy of the Kashrut Certificate (Teudat Kashrut) of the wedding hall where the wedding will take place

Please note that even if you do not bring all of the necessary documents at the time of registration, you still will be permitted to open the file, provided that you present the rest of the missing documents before the wedding.


The fee for registration is 709 NIS.

A 40% discount will be granted if either the bride or groom is:

  1. An Oleh Chadash and is getting married within the first two years of Aliyah
  2. Serving in the army or national service
  3. Has special needs as recognized by the Department of Social Services
  4. Currently studying in university
  5. Currently studying in yeshiva

What you get:

  1. Marriage file number
  2. Ketubah
  3. A Rabbi assigned to perform the wedding ceremonies if so desired (If you have your own Rabbi, please make sure he is certified to perform the wedding ceremony by the local religious council).


The religious council (following Jewish Law) requires that women immerse themselves in a Mikveh (ritual bath) as the culmination of their studies of the family purity laws.You will receive a notice from the religious council that needs to be signed following your immersion in the Mikveh on the eve of your wedding.The officiating rabbi will then ask for the signed notice prior to the wedding ceremony.For a list of Mikvaot please visit:



It is the responsibility of either the couple or the Rabbi who has performed the ceremony to provide the religious council with a copy of the ketubah within three days following the wedding.

Marriage Certificate:

The marriage certificate will be ready two weeks after the wedding and can be picked up from the local religious council.

Updating your Marital Status at Misrad Hapnim:

Visit (or send via certified mail) your local branch of Misrad Hapnim.This service is free of charge.

What to bring:

  1. Teudat Zehut (yours and your spouse’s)
  2. Israeli passport
  3. Marriage certificate from the Israeli Rabbanut
  4. Two identical passport photos (if you wish to change your last name/surname)
  5. Teudat Zehut Request Form
  6. Name Change Request Form (if applicable)

What you get:

  1. You will receive an updated “Sefach” for you and your spouse
  2. If you requested a name change, you will receive a new Teudat Zehut
  3. A stamp in your Israeli passport documenting the name change
  4. A certificate documenting your name change, if applicable

Updating your Marital Status at Misrad Haklita

Visit your local branch of Misrad Haklita

What to bring:

1. Updated Teudat Zehut (yours and your spouse’s) with Sefachs (paper addendums)
2. Teudat Oleh (for both spouses if relevant)
3. Joint bank details (if both spouses are Olim or your spouse is a Returning Resident)

What you will get:

1. If both spouses are Olim, your Teudot Oleh will be replaced with one joint Teudat Oleh.
2. If you are married to an Israeli, your Teudat Oleh will be stamped as such, and your spouse’s info will be added to your Teudat Oleh.

Please note, if both spouses are Olim it is best to go to Misrad Haklita together.

Mazal Tov!

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