If you have at least one Israeli parent you are required to have an Israeli passport.  This is true even if you were born outside of Israel and never resided in Israel as a minor. You may qualify as having “Ezrach Oleh” status and have similar Aliyah benefits to a new immigrant (Oleh Chadash). An Ezrach Oleh is required to have an Israeli passport for Aliyah approval at their interview with the Jewish Agency in order to obtain Aliyah approval.

According to Israeli law, every child born to an Israeli citizen residing abroad must be registered at the Israeli Consulate in their region, within 30 days after the birth. If you were born to an Israeli parent abroad and have never been registered as an Israeli and never held an Israeli passport you will need to follow Misrad Hapnim’s (the Ministry of Interior’s) recently implemented strict registration process to issue an Israeli passport. Applicants should expect this process to take time and are therefore advised to attend to this well in advance of their planned Aliyah date.

Please carefully read the instructions below and consult with your Aliyah advisor as to the specific documents required in your situation. Once you have gathered all the required documents you will need to apply for the passport with your Israeli parent(s) at the Israeli consulate in your region.

Once all documents have been presented at the consulate and they have concluded you have presented everything required, the request will be sent to Misrad Hapnim for approval. The request is not automatically approved on the spot and you may need to return for additional meetings at the consulate.  For a list of consulate locations please click here.


Here are the forms you will need:

  • Parental Consent Form – At the Israeli consulate, your Israeli parent(s) will sign a consent form for your application stating they agree for you to register as an Israeli. If parent(s) cannot get to the Israeli consulate to sign this declaration of consent, due to distance or disability, the statement can be signed in the presence of a local lawyer or notary.
  • Parents’ Marriage Certificate – If your parents’ marital status has not been registered at the Israeli consulate they may be required to present civil documentation to ascertain their status including: marriage certificate; divorce certificate; spouse’s death certificate, if applicable.
  • Apostille on the Parents’ Marriage Certificate* – Apostille certification attached to these documents is required.
  • Passport Pictures – 2 identical passport pictures
  • Passports – bring your non-Israeli passport that you currently hold.
  • Birth Certificate – Original birth certificate. Both parents’ names must appear on the birth certificate
  • Apostille on your Birth Certificate*
  • Civil Documentation on marital status – All civil documentation of your marital status, including: marriage certificate; divorce certificate; spouse’s death certificate, if applicable. Attached to these documents you will need apostille* certification

*For further information about obtaining an apostille, please click here.

In some cases, the following may be required:

  • A declaration signed by your Israeli parent(s) stating the mother listed on your birth certificate is indeed your birth mother.
  • Proof of pregnancy – additional documentation showing the mother listed on your birth certificate is indeed your birth mother. This could be a discharge letter from the hospital, medical records form the time of pregnancy or ultrasound pictures
  • Proof of your parents living together 300 days prior to your birth such as – a joint rent contract or bills, dated pictures form an extended period or joint bank accounts
  • A court ruling connecting you to your Israeli parent. This will usually require a DNA test
  • Proof of Judaism letter from a Rabbi on congregation letterhead, stating you are Jewish and born to a Jewish mother or father. If you are born to a non-Jewish mother this will not be required
  • If you are over the age of 28 you will need a letter from the Jewish Agency stating you are in the process of Aliyah in order to obtain your passport outside of Israel.
  • Additional documents may be required depending on the circumstances.


The cost of ordering an Israeli passport is:

  • $38 payable by cash, credit card or money order in the name of the “Consulate General of Israel in…”. Personal checks are not accepted
  • There is an additional $9 fee if you want the passport delivered by FedEx

Special Cases

Can you get an Israeli passport while visiting Israel (before making Aliyah officially)?

If you are currently in Israel and plan to complete your Aliyah as an Ezrach Oleh from within Israel, Nefesh B’Nefesh’s advocacy team can assist you in acquiring your Israeli passport at Misrad Hapnim so you can move forward with your Aliyah process. Your Israeli parent(s) abroad will need to sign consent for your application at the Israeli consulate in their area and you can then apply for the passport in person at Misrad Hapnim.

Please be in touch with your Aliyah advisor for full instructions and guidance.

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