What is your current position and company? How did you find your job? How do most people in your field find a job?

I am the head of global sales at OCTOPAI. I found my job by being proactive, building my network, and advocating for myself. The best advice I can give to people looking to find a job in the industry is to do the same. One cannot just rely on sending their resumes- one must stay on top of the game. One should take initiative contacting and visiting one’s prospective places of employment. As mentioned before, finding a job in Israel is very network oriented. This can be very difficult for new Olim as they do not have many Israeli career connections. As a result, one must be even more proactive in terms of networking to make up for their disadvantage. Use and abuse Linkedin to the fullest extent, and network with people in your shule, neighbourhood.

What degree or experience should someone making Aliyah come with in order to break into your field / get a decent position in your field? Does it make any difference whether you studied in Israel or abroad? How essential is Hebrew? What is the job market potential?

No degree is required, however an MBA would be helpful for someone who wants to be in management. It doesn’t really matter if you studied in America or in Israel as long as your place of education is considered respectable. The Hi-Tech sales industry is not so creative so one should have relevant, parallel experience in one’s desired field. Olim almost exclusively work in international sales, as Israeli companies are uninterested in hiring someone who lacks the language, cultural mentality, or professional/ social network. International sales employees will work mostly on the phone and during global work hours( US hours are 1 pm-12 am). As alluded to, Hebrew is not important- but companies often operate in Hebrew as the common language. Many international sales companies have French, German, Russian, and Spanish speaking employees. The Hi-Tech sales industry has less spots in comparison to jobs such as to programming or engineering. Despite this reality, there will always be room for a professional sales executive.

What is the salary range? What are the benefits?

Salary is calculated by base salary plus commissions. SaaS (Software as a Service) sales positions typically start at  30,000 all-inclusive (base plus commission) and can go up to 60,000+ shekel a month. In terms of benefits, employees enjoy many opportunities and stock options as an example..

Describe the personal growth opportunities that exist.

Hi-Tech Sales in startups in Israel tend not to offer official career paths. Subsequently, one’s trajectory is solely reliant on empirical results/success. In addition, one must strongly advocate for oneself. Simultaneously one should keep one’s options outside of one’s work place open so that one can strategically advance one’s career.

How do you feel about working and living in Israel?

Sometimes working in Israel versus working in  America is like a day versus night difference. Other times the distinction is not felt as much. However being a Jew, and living and working in Israel, I feel at home, we celebrate Jewish Holidays at work, not Halloween, Christmas and Easter. No matter where one is, sales are always competitive but as mentioned before, there will always be room for a professional sales executive.

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