All real estate agents in Israel are required to pass a licensing examination that is administered every few months by Misrad HaMishpatim (Ministry of Justice ). There is no transfer of real estate licenses from abroad. The Ministry of Justice has a booklet available which includes the information needed to prepare for the exam.

The branch of Misrad HaMishpatim in Jerusalem that deals with real estate brokers can be reached at (02) 654-9333 and is open Sunday – Thursday from 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM.

In order to obtain a license, the applicant must:

  • Be a citizen or resident of Israel, or a foreigner with official permission to work in Israel
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have not been declared bankrupt
  • Have not been charged with a felony for at least 5 years before filing an application for a license. An applicant who has served a prison sentence but has been rehabilitated successfully has to have exhibited a desire to be reformed for a period of at least 3 years prior to filing an application for a license.
  • Have successfully passed the exam

Materials to be studied for the exam:

A booklet containing this “Collection of Laws” can be purchased at the following address:

Hoda’at Ktuvim, Rehov King George 16 Gimel, Ninth Floor.
PO Box 37218, Jerusalem, 91371.

For additional information call: 02-625 -9228.

Candidates can bring the booklet or the information from The Israel Government Portal site printed from the site to the test as long as the materials are bound in a binder (no loose papers or other materials will be allowed into the room).

Course in Preparation for the Licensing Exam:

  • RE/MAX: The course to become a RE/MAX agent is offered in Hebrew in most locations, but you can contact them to find out about English versions being offered. Anyone who takes the course through Remax can pay an additional fee to be accepted into their network of realtors upon successful completion of the licensing exam. (Please note that, like all other realtors, those affiliated with a company, earn commission only. There is no base salary). See:

The Licensing Bureau will announce via a newspaper ad and on their website the date of both the test and when registration will commence. A written request to register for the test has to be submitted upon which the applicant will be given all relevant details pertaining to the test and the non-refundable amount to be paid.

Forms for registration can be obtained on the Realtors Registrar website or at the Bureau of Real Estate Agents from Sunday to Thursday between 8:30–13:00, at the following address: Beit Hadfus 22, 4th floor, Jerusalem. Registration for the test is only valid once the application form, an ID photograph and the required payment have been submitted to the following address:

PO Box 34357, Jerusalem 91342. Forms sent by fax are not accepted. It can be mailed in or completed online.

Once all the above requirements have been met for registering for the test, a document is mailed to the applicant’s address with the following details: approval to take the test as well as the place, time and number of the seating arrangement. There are no refunds if the candidate ends up not sitting for the exam.

A special thank you to Alyssa Friedland, Real Estate agent with RE/MAX Vision, for participating in this interview.

Please provide us with a brief description of your field
Real estate agents in Israel are currently doing very well because the market is active. The industry is a people business and has become much more professional over the last few years as big companies have entered the market. American franchises such as RE/MAX have brought education and technology to the forefront of the industry. Offices are growing rapidly and have spread throughout the country to service all areas.

What is your current position?
I am a luxury listing agent for  RE/MAX Vision with 25 years of experience in real estate. Our office has 24 agents working  in our office in German Colony , Jerusalem.

How did you find your job?
I purchased the RE/MAX Jerusalem franchise 15 years ago.

What skills are relevant for someone looking to break into the real estate business?
One should have people skills, be organized, energetic, motivated, entrepreneurial, and have a positive attitude.

What education and experience should an Oleh looking to go into real estate come with?
One does not need any previous experience in Real Estate, although having a good command of Hebrew is important, as well as having people skills, and a desire to build a profitable business.

Is there any kind of license or certification you need, to work in the real estate business in Israel?
Yes, you need to pass an exam of 30 multiple choice questions; it is an open book exam. The exam lasts for 2 hours, and a new Oleh has the right to an additional 30 minutes extra time on the exam.

How important is Hebrew in your field?
Hebrew is very important. One must have a good command of the language (at least a ‘Kita Daled’ Ulpan level of Hebrew), and be at ease when speaking.

What are the benefits of your job?
The benefits are definitely the satisfaction of making a very good living and being your own boss. I am building a business under the umbrella of the name brand company but I am the decision maker. Therefore, I can also make up my own schedule.

Is real estate more in demand in certain areas of Israel?
Currently all areas in Israel are lucrative and selling.

What is the salary range?
Working in this field is not salary based , but commission based. Agents work as independent contractors and are not employees of the company they are working with .  The anticipated income range depends on the agent, their people skills, motivation and the amount of time and effort they are willing to dedicate to the business. An average commission of a 1,500,000 NIS sale would generate a 30,000 NIS commission, of which the agent gets 50% and the office gets 50%.

Do you have any other advice or tips for Olim?
Learn Hebrew, practice and speak the language, and then come and see me and get started in real estate.

How do you feel about working and living in Israel?
I absolutely love what I am doing, and I love helping people fulfill their dreams in Eretz Yisrael!!

Alyssa Friedland is a veteran agent working with RE/MAX Vision. You can reach Alyssa at +972-54-668-4111 or email : [email protected] or see


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