The Ministry of Aliyah and Integration is offering a retroactive reimbursement of up to 4,000 NIS to Olim who were required to translate and/or notarize documents in order to transfer their professional license in Israel.  The Oleh must submit the original receipts (or verified copies).

  • The reimbursement only covers translations and notarizations for professional needs
  • You can be reimbursed retroactively back to receipts that were issued from January 15, 2015
  • Age limit: Retirement age

In addition, the Ministry offers a reimbursement for Olim who took the governmental licensing exam.  Your eligibility lasts for 10 years from your date of Aliyah.  The reimbursement is ONLY given retroactively and will be paid back ONLY after submitting the receipt for your exam to your local Misrad Haklitah office.

Please note:  If you didn’t participate in a Misrad Haklitah preparation course for the governmental licensing exam, you may be entitled to reimbursement for two exams (if needed).

Disclaimer: Misrad Habriut regulations are subject to change without advance notice and are constantly changing. For the most current information regarding licensing procedures, please see the Misrad Habriut site. Nefesh B’Nefesh does not take responsibility for inaccuracies on the site or changes to the law.

In order to be recognized as a dental hygienist in Israel, one must be licensed by Misrad HaBriut (Ministry of Health). In order to obtain a license you must:

  • Meet the educational requirements of Misrad HaBriut.
  • Pass the licensing examination.

Required Documentation

The following documents must be sent in to Misrad HaBriut:

  1. Two passport pictures.
  2.  A copy of your Teudat Zehut (identity card), including the Sefach (addendum) listing your address or, if you are a tourist you may submit a photocopy of your passport with a valid residents’ visa.
  3. Final diploma or confirmation of completion of studies from a recognized university indicating that you have fulfilled all of the university’s requirements and are eligible for a diploma as a dental hygienist, which will be granted on a specified date – requires verification* (see below).
  4. Official confirmation indicating the start and end date of studies – requires verification* (see below).
  5. Official certifications of work experience from the relevant medical institutions indicating the start and end date of work at each institution – requires verification* (see below).
  6. Valid hygienist’s license. If you do not have a license, please attach an explanatory letter indicating why you do not have a license – requires verification* (see below).
  7. A letter of good standing from the relevant authorities in your state or country proving that you never received complaints about discipline, negligence or professional ethics.
  8. An application form – Medical Licensing – Questionnaire. Please make sure to have your name written also in its Hebrew transliteration. In addition, you must provide with an ISRAELI address and cell phone# (can be of friends/family).
  9. An application requesting to be tested in the relevant field.

*For the documents who require verification, you have 3 verification options.

  1. Verified with an apostille after having the original document notarized (recommended).
  2. Bring it to an ISRAELI notary and have them notarize it.
  3. A verified copy (אימות העתק, Imut He’etek) at the Israeli consulate.

All documents must be submitted in two copies. You must submit the verified copy plus an additional photocopy of the original document. Always keep the originals for yourself, as well as a photocopy of the verified document.

Local Misrad habriut offices are no longer open. All applicants should submit all of your licensing documentation to Misrad Habriut via registered mail to: Licensing department, Ministry of Health, Yermiyahu 39, Jerusalem, 9446724.

Note: Only after the documents are approved by the licensing department will your file be transferred to the dental division.  The dental division is responsible for the testing of dental hygienists.

Misrad Habriut now offers a customer call center to answer questions about licensing for health care professionals. Call *5400 from Israel or 972-8-6241010 from abroad. The center operates Sunday through Thursday, 8am-6pm, and Fridays from 8am-1pm, Israel time.

The dental hygienists’ exam is given twice a year. If there are at least five English-speaking Olim taking the exam at a given time (which is rarely the case), the exam may be translated into English. Otherwise, the test will be administered in Hebrew, but Olim are permitted to bring a dictionary and will receive extra time. In addition, one of the proctors for the exam is usually able to help translate a question, if needed.

The dates of the exam are listed on the Misrad Habriut site.

Please note: One can work as a dental assistant without a license, but not as a dental hygienist. All paperwork may be submitted pre-Aliyah, but the license will only approved once you make Aliyah.

For further information, please contact the Dental Department at Misrad HaBriut:

Eti Hakshoory
Note: You must sign up with Eti in order to take the test.

Or visit Misrad HaBriut’s website.

This Article was last updated on May 23, 2019.


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