North American accountants in Israel find jobs in a variety of work places. There are the large accounting firms:

These large firms hire CPAs  and non CPAs with experience in relevant fields such as taxation, audit, advisory, technology, etc. There are jobs in smaller accounting firms, as well such as: Philip L. Stein & Associates, XPAT Tax Services LTD, and Crowe Horwath, and in Israeli companies where they can work in the finance department, as ax compliance managers, controllers, etc. In addition, some accountants have developed businesses filing U.S. tax returns for American Olim and acting as tax consultants. Although there are jobs available for North Americans without an Israeli CPA, having this added certification can open doors professionally and enable you to climb higher on the corporate ladder. The exam is time consuming and challenging, therefore, many North Americans do not take it.

Thank you to Tamar Last for her contributions to this article (August, 2020).

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