The following is a list of organizations in Israel that provide services and support for children and adults with specific disabilities, including (but not limited to):

  • Hearing
  • Sight
  • Developmental Disability
  • Learning Disability
  • Physical Disability
  • Mental Health

The Association of the Deaf in Israel (ADI) is a voluntary organization, which creates special Deaf Clubs where activities take place on a regular basis for the membership (which today numbers about 10,000). Some of ADI’s work includes:

  • Producing and disseminating informative material about deafness through diverse media outlets.
  • Offering sign language classes, both beginning and advanced, and courses for Sign Language interpreters.
  • The establishment of a Center for Individual and Family Therapy, servicing families with both Deaf and hearing members, with the help of therapists who are familiar with deaf culture and the use of sign language.

At the present time, there are 10 local branches of ADI in different parts of Israel, including Haifa, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Petach Tikva, Ashkelon, Netanya, Be’er Sheva and Kiryat Gat. Contact Information: Main Office and Tel Aviv Branch 13 Sderot Yad Lebanim Yad Eliyahu P.O.B. 9001 Tel Aviv, 61090 Tel/Fax: 03-730-3355 Email: [email protected] Website:

ACHLA runs the HEYANUT Center, the only holistic center in Israel that provides comprehensive support for individuals with complex special needs and their families, as well as providing one address to answer all of their needs. Contact Information: Phone: 02-650-5276 Email: [email protected] Website:

AKIM is a nonprofit organization that provides services for children and adults with mental disabilities and other developmental disorders. AKIM provides community living arrangements, family support centers, and a café which provides vocational training and job placement for young people with mental disabilities. In addition, support services are offered to the families of disabled individuals. AKIM promotes the establishment and operation of services for the mentally handicapped in the community, including day care centers for infants, and for adults, hostels, apartments in the community, employment and job placement programs in the open market. Jerusalem Office: 19 Yad Harutzim St., Suite 304 P.O. Box 53409, Jerusalem 91533 Phone: 02-672-8731 Fax: 02-672-8730 [email protected] Tel Aviv Office: Rechov Pinchas Rozen 69 Tel Aviv-Yaffo 69410 Phone: 03-766-2222 Website: [email protected] [email protected]

Aleh is at the forefront of providing Israeli children with the high quality programs they need to maximize their potential. Approximately 650 severely disabled Jewish children receive top quality medical, educational and full-time rehabilitative residential care at branches in Jerusalem, Bnei Brak, Gedera and the Negev. Aleh cares for children with medical conditions such as autism, cerebral palsy and Down syndrome, as well as genetic disorders including Tay-Sachs, Canavan disease and Rett syndrome. Main Office 12 Aharonovitz St., POB 435 Bnei Brak 51103 Tel: 03-617-1888 Fax: 03-617-1880 Email: [email protected] Website:

All Rights portal is a non-profit, collaborative project, building an encyclopedia for information about rights and entitlements in Israel. Most of the links will take you to the Hebrew site. The home page is in English.

ALUT is a nonprofit organization that works with autistic or PDD children and provides support services for their families. The organization’s mission is to ensure the well-being, rehabilitation, future and economic status of individuals with autism in Israel. ALUT provides educational, residential, vocational and leisure-time services to people with autism and works to advance their rights and to improve the services available to them and their families. The organization is revolutionizing the treatment of toddlers, children and adults with autism by:

  • Establishing effective, integrated, individualized educational programs and maximizing special education services at ALUT’s nurseries and treatment centers for toddlers (Alutaf).
  • Establishing rehabilitation and occupational centers for adults.
  • Establishing “Homes for Life”, residential homes for autistic people.
  • Training professionals to work in this field.
  • Providing assistance to families of people with autism.
  • Advocating to advance the rights of autistic people and to improve the services available to them and their families.

Alut’s Beit Lauren in Jerusalem provides personal and group support for families of autistic children. Bet Lauren refers families to services in local communities; maintains a professional hotline during the day; and runs Parents of Autistic Children during the evening hours. For details, see (in Hebrew) or call 03-670-9094. In addition to Beit Lauren, Alut runs lectures around the country on topics relevant to autism and PDD, and provides updated information about resources that are available. A support group for family members is also provided. Main Office: 1 Corazin Street Givatyaim, 53583, Israel Tel: 03-571-8188 Mobile: 052-386-3421 Fax: 03-571-8185 Email: [email protected] Website:

ALYN is an officially registered nonprofit organization treating physically handicapped children and adolescents, and offers services for a broad range of physical disabilities. The organization has helped children who have been injured in road accidents and terror attacks, children suffering from congenital conditions and children suffering from physical limitations due to various illnesses. ALYN includes a staff of medical specialists including physicians, nurses, paramedical services and social workers. It maintains educational staff for day care nursery, kindergarten and a study center; recreation counselors; and a Biomechanical Engineering Laboratory. Additionally, ALYN offers respite services and safe transportation for children with special needs. Contact Details Shmaryahu Levin Street Kiryat HaYovel P.O.B. 9117, Jerusalem 91091 Phone: 02-649-4222 Fax: 02-643-7338 Email: [email protected] Website: Dvora Ben Zvi, Director of In-Service Education Tel: 02-649-4387 Michal Bloch, Social Work Department Tel: 02-649-4351

EPI services people of all ages on the ASD spectrum (autistic spectrum disorder) and focuses on the comprehensive needs of the individual  and on the family as well.

The goals of the organization are:

  • Providing assistance in setting up groups for the development of social skills which are the basic treatment tool needed for rehabilitation of children and adults with Asperger
  • Providing accurate information to families seeking help regarding their rights and the availability of educational and treatment frameworks.
  • Offering an open line service
  • Conducting personal meetings with families in need.
  • Employment programs
  • Residential programs
  • Interfacing with other government bodies responsible for disability benefits, educational, and vocational programming.

General Contact Information:
Tel: 03-5446046
Email: [email protected]/

English speaking contact:
Yael Lehman
Tel: 050-2117530
Email:  [email protected]

The Avoda Negisha website aims to help people with disabilities become
integrated into the workforce. The website includes job listings intended
for people with disabilities, information and tools to help them find
employment, support for employers and more.

To learn more about the website, check out:

Beineinu is an organization that connects Jewish parents of children with special needs. Contact Details: Phone: 072-230-5368 (Israel Office) Email: [email protected] Website:

Beit Issie Shapiro is an organization that provides a range of services for children with developmental disabilities and their families. These services include therapeutic daycare and treatment, special education and paramedical treatment, and innovative new approaches such as hydrotherapy, complementary medicine and multi-sensory treatment. In addition to providing services for children, Beit Issie Shapiro also runs an Emotional Treatment Center, where families are offered the following services: Individual, Couple and Group Counseling; Family Therapy; Play Therapy for Children; Art & Music Therapy; and Psychiatric Consultation. The organization also offers a continuum of services to support families, and operates programs that challenge prejudices and promote the inclusion of people with special needs and play an active role in influencing public policy. Contact Details Issie Shapiro St. P.O. Box 29, Ra’anana 43100, Israel Tel: 09-770-1222 Fax: 09-771-0465 E-mail: [email protected] President, CEO International: Naomi Stuchiner Executive Director: Jean Judes

Beit Eckstein is an organization whose goal is to improve the quality of life for people with Aspergers Syndrome, with a goal of preparing members for independent living and training them for a role in the work-force. The organization provides residences and job-training in Tel Aviv, with every member receiving an individualized program created specifically for his or her needs. After a member’s completion of the Beit Ofek program, the organization will assist him or her with finding a job. It is essential to note that in order for an Oleh to qualify for these services, he or she must first be recognized as having Aspergers Syndrome by the Ministry of Social Welfare. He or she may then apply to the job-training center, known as Beit Ofek, and should simultaneously apply for a grant from Bituach Leumi (National Insurance Institute) to cover expenses. Contact Details: Tel: 03-648-6477.

Bekol, established in 1997, is a unique self-help association founded and directed by people with hearing loss. Bekol is the only organization in Israel that works to integrate hard-of-hearing adults (ages 18 and up) into the general society by addressing problems of legislation, accessibility, work, etc. Bekol is managed by a professional and dedicated staff including certified hearing care providers and social workers, as well as over one hundred volunteers professionally trained for their specific tasks. They actively reach out to communities in Israel to disseminate information about hearing aids, assistive hearing devices and communication technologies. They also work with local and the National Government to promote accessibility in public places and increase equality of opportunity, for example in the workplace, for the hearing impaired. For more information go here:, or in English,

Chimes is an international, multi-service agency for individuals of all ages with developmental delays and other disabilities. The organization delivers a wide range of services such as:

  • Educational Services
  • Employment
  • Residential Services
  • Supported Living Services
  • Clinical Services
  • Senior Living Services
  • Substance Abuse Services
  • Respite Assistance
  • Prevention Programs
  • Vocational Evaluation
  • Vocational Training
  • Psycho-Social Programs
  • Work Opportunities
  • Psychiatric Clinics
  • Placement Assistance

Chimes currently has branches in Tel-Aviv, Ariel, Yafo, Kfar Saba, Herziliya and Taybeh, with different branches serving different needs. Contact Details: Executive Offices Yehudit and Meir Rubanenko Campus 13 Ha’Arad Street Tel Aviv, Israel 69710 Tel: 03-644-2427 Fax: 03-647-4047 Website:

The Enosh Organization’s mission is to promote mental health issues for individuals dealing with a psychiatric disability and their families; provide rehabilitation services and support during the recovery process; help improve functioning skills in order to live as independently as possible in the community; and fight stigma. Enosh provides services including housing, vocational rehabilitation, supported employment, social rehabilitation, mentoring, family counseling and support, and continuing education programs. The agency works with the government (specifically, with the Ministry of Health), and operates 52 centers throughout the country. Contact Information: Main Office: 3 Hacharoshet St. P.O.B 1593 Ramat Hasharon 47113 Main Tel: 03-540-0672 Website: Email: [email protected] Jerusalem Office: Rechov Shalom Yehudah 29 P.O.B 91042 Jerusalem, 91042 02-672-4723 Tel Aviv Office: Rechov Benbansti 4 P.O.B.5293 Tel Aviv, 61052 03-681-5032 Dr. Hila Hadas, Executive Director: Email: [email protected] Tel: 03-540-0672 (119) Mrs. Atalia Deri, Professional Director: Email: [email protected] Tel: 03-540-0672 (119)

Sulam is an acknowledged leader in the treatment of developmental and learning disabilities, PDD/autism, Down syndrome, and other rare and debilitating medical conditions. Teachers and therapists employ the latest treatment protocols and modalities such as occupational, physical, speech, physical, art, drama, music, hydro, animal and multi-sensory therapies to close developmental gaps. Sulam also builds children emotionally and socially through integration activities with mainstream children, afternoon enrichment, learning trips, and lessons in daily-living skills. Thirty percent of the children who complete Sulam’s programs are successfully integrated into mainstream educational systems. Sulam currently has six branches in Jerusalem, Beit Shemesh, and the surrounding areas. These include a rehabilitative daycare program for babies and toddlers, an observation kindergarten program for children for children aged 3-7, and elementary school, and a high school. Contact Information: 116 Sanhedria Murchevet P.O.B. 18206 Jerusalem, 91181 Tel: 02-633-8400 Fax: 02-532-6527 Email: [email protected] Website:

ILAN, Israel’s Foundation for the Handicapped, cares for thousands of physically impaired adults and children suffering from diseases that affect the muscles and nerves such as cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and other neuromuscular diseases. The organization assists with the welfare, education and rehabilitation of children with disabilities up to the time of their maturity and rehabilitation. Services offered by ILAN-Israel include: integrating the person with disabilities in a suitable educational, occupational or residential framework; sport activities; social activities; summer camps; transportation services; and individual assistance which includes providing special computers or financing paramedical treatments. ILAN has network of over 30 institutions, ranging from kindergartens, special schools and vocational training centers, sheltered workshops, rehabilitation and occupation units, to social centers and sports facilities. In addition, ILAN operates hostels for handicapped adults, thus providing a warm and supportive environment for those who cannot continue living at home, such as, Tamar House in Jerusalem and Kassler Home in Haifa. Contact Information: Main Office: 9 Rechov Gordon Tel Aviv 63458 Tel: 03-524-8141 Fax: 03-524-9828 Email: [email protected] Website:

The Institute for the Advancement of Deaf Persons in Israel provides professional, educational and rehabilitation services for deaf and hard-of-hearing children, youth and adults in Israel. The Institute also holds workshops and seminars, runs support programs for the Deaf community, gives presentations, and provides consultation services and training to professionals and members of the community. The Institute includes the Sela Center for Support Services, the official national provider of support services for deaf and hard of hearing Israelis. These services include Israeli Sign Language interpreting, computer assisted note-taking and the provision of equipment to which deaf and hard of hearing Israelis are entitled. Contact Information: 63 Laguardia Street P.O. Box 9235 Tel Aviv 61091 Tel: 03-631-1595 Fax: 03-631-6891 Email: [email protected]

Israel Elwyn is an organization that helps children and adults with special needs integrate and become active partners in Israeli society. The ultimate goal of all of Israel Elwyn’s programs is to provide individuals with the tools needed to lead more independent lives within the community. The services provided by Israel Elwyn include: preschool developmental centers, educational services, work activities center, adult developmental centers, small business units, supported employment services, job placement and vocational training, transitional employment, supported group homes and dental services. Contact Details: 20 Henrietta Szold St. Jerusalem, 96502 Tel: 02-641-5448 Fax: 02-643-0495 Email: [email protected] David Marcu is the Executive Director of Israel Elwyn, and is a native English speaker.

The Jerusalem Special Education Center provides free guidance to prepare parents for placement committees and to answer questions. Service will be offered in seven languages, including English. Contact Details:| 14 Coresh Street, near Kikar Safra (the city municipality center) Jerusalem 02-625-2889 For more information, please click here

Kesher operates a range of such services for special families, including a center for information, guidance and advocacy, groups offering support and parental guidance for families in which a child suffers from any disability, from birth through age 21, and in all areas of life. Kesher’s regional units are located in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa and Beer-Sheva. They offer services on the local level, covering all the regions of Israel. All the units operate a wide range of services and programs designed to empower the parents and families so as to enable a higher level of quality in their lives. English speaking contact is Bella Sosna: [email protected] or 02-623-6116

Kfar Rafael is a Residential Village where mentally handicapped people live together with foster families. Members of the village work in agriculture, food processing, gardening, art (including silk painting, weaving, and candle-making), household activities (such as cooking, baking, and laundry), and drivers’ workshops. The evenings are dedicated to cultural activities. The results are a clear improvement in the quality of life and individuals’ capabilities. The organization was founded to solve the problem of integrating people with mental handicaps in a suitable framework that would enable them to live a meaningful life. Life at Kfar Rafael makes it possible for many such people to have the warmth of family life, a personally adapted working place and a rich cultural life. Contact Information: Kfar Rafael P.O.B 425 Be’er Sheva 84103 Phone: 08-843-8156 Fax: 08-641-8102 Website:

Kol Koreh is a non-profit organization founded by parents and professionals in the greater Bet Shemesh area to empower children with dyslexia, speech and language disorders, and other specific learning disabilities with the tools to succeed in the classroom and beyond. Contact Information: [email protected] 052-704-2700

The AACI Cohen Library, which is operated by volunteers is a library for the visually impaired and homebound English speakers. The library has a large selection of mainly donated English language books on audio-tape, CD, journals, and large-print books: novels, non-fiction, Judaica, humor, self-help, and more. The Library serves over 200 members, and is growing. There are members from Naharia in the North to Eilat in the South, on the Golan Heights, kibbutzim and Moshavim, and we are delighted to be able to serve them with books and cassettes through the national free mail service for the blind. Membership dues to the AACI library is NIS 100 annually. Contact Information: Corner of 37 Pierre Koenig and 2 Poalei Tzedek, Talpiot Hours: Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9am to 12noon Phone: 02-566-1181 Fax: 02-566-1920 Email: [email protected] Web:

The Center for Independent Living offers services for individuals 18+ with any type of disability. Services offered include guidance through the Bituach Leumi system, understanding and accessing rights and benefits for the disabled, social forums, computer training, connecting to other organizations and vocational services for the disabled. Services are not dependent on assessment/ eligibility through Bituach Leumi (National Insurance Institute).

The Center for Independent Living operates in three cities; Haifa, Be’er Sheva, and Jerusalem. Ulpan for those who may not be able to benefit from a typical Ulpan due to a physical, cognitive, or emotional impairment is also available.

Rechov San Martin 5
[email protected]

Micha provides treatment, education and rehabilitation for hearing impaired infants and children. They operate out of two centers: in Haifa and Tiberius. Micha is responsible for the whole of Israel north of Hadera. Contact Information: MICHA HAIFA & NORTH 50 Zahal st. Box 9096 31090 HAIFA, ISRAEL Tel: 972-4-8538276 Fax: 972-4-852689 Website:

MILBAT’s goal is to increase the level of independence, improve the quality of life, and facilitate integration into the community for children and adults with disabilities and the elderly, through an accessible and adapted technological environment. To this extent, MILBAT offers counseling on the use of technical aids and adaptive equipment for people with disabilities. They provide assistance with:

  • Adapting home and work environments
  • Automobile and driving adaptations
  • Equipment and techniques for independent self-care and grooming
  • Development of special assistive devices when there is no commercial solution available for a specific person’s need.
  • Providing personal, professional counseling in selecting assistive devices for improvement of all areas of functionality (personal care, mobility, seating, computer, assistive and alternative communication, environmental control, leisure activities, work, play, etc.)
  • Providing details on how to obtain assistive devices whether for purchase or loan

Contact Information: Milbat Bitan 23A, Tel HaShomer Hospital Tel-Hashomer 52621, Israel Tel: 03-530-3739 Fax: 03-535-7812 E-mail: [email protected] Website:

Mercaz Rav Sherutim L’Eiver is dedicated to the mission of making life easier in every aspect for individuals who are blind. A non-governmental and nonprofit organization, Mercaz Rav Sherutim L’Eiver provides a variety of services and programs for over 23,000 citizens of different ages, backgrounds and religions and acts as their sole representative in the national government – the Knesset. Some of the services provided include:

  • Representing the visually impaired community before local as well as national and governmental agencies.
  • Advice to blind persons on social, legal matters, etc.
  • Special aids and appliances store with display of equipment and repair laboratory.
  • Tax refunding service.
  • Provision of loans and grants.
  • Loans of closed circuit television units for low vision persons.
  • ORON journal in CD format.
  • Magnification of school texts for visually impaired students.
  • Computerized telephone system with media, entertainment and other information.
  • A professional reference library specializing in subjects relating to blindness and the diseases causing loss of sight.

Additionally, the organization hosts protected workplaces providing employment for the blind, lectures, seminars, cultural and leisure activities, computer, Internet and auxiliary aids training courses in our Computer Center, tutorial courses to assist blind and visually impaired children, and summer vacation and recreational programs for the blind and visually impaired with their families. Contact Information Jerusalem Office: Binyan Sha’arei Hair 216 Rechov Yaffo Tel: 02-538-8955 Tel Aviv Office: 10 David Hachmi Street Tel Aviv 67778 Tel: 03-791-5555 Fax: 03-542-3710/1 E-mail: [email protected]

The mission of Nitzan is to identify, assess and assist individuals with learning disabilities, adaptive problems and functional difficulties. Nitzan’s services include didactic assessments, psychological treatment, paramedical treatment and rehabilitation towards independent living. Contact Information: Tel Aviv Office: 174 Arlozorov, First Floor Tel Aviv 64923 Tel: 03-695-2553, 03-695-2559 Website:

P’TACH is a nonprofit organization dedicated to giving children the opportunity to succeed in life and in school by helping them overcome or compensate for learning difficulties. They operate three programs in the Jerusalem area:

  • School based resource rooms in which special education teachers, speech and occupational therapists form a ‘team’ that supports children with learning disabilities, enabling them to remain in the classroom, obviating the need for special education.
  • An afternoon clinic in which teams of professionals offer both screening and intervention programs for children aged 3 through 18 either through private referrals or the Kupat Cholim.
  • An educational testing and evaluation program in which children of all ages with learning disabilities are evaluated to create an individualized educational program (IEP) for each child.

P’TACH’s team of professionals, the majority of whom hold advanced degrees coupled with many years of experience in special education, language and occupational therapy, detect, assess and evaluate learning disabilities in children in the areas of dyslexia, comprehension (reading and oral), dyscalculia, visual or auditory perception, language, processing, organizational disorders, dysgrahia, communicative disorders, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and sensory motor integration. Although our programs are in Hebrew, all members of the P’TACH staff are bilingual and sensitive to the needs of new Olim.

P’tach Address:
P.O.B. 34465 Jerusalem, Israel 91344
Phone: 972-2-652-4181
Fax: 972-2-654-0489
Contact Person: Symie Liff – 0527659248

Afternoon Clinic:
Address: Sderot Eshkol 18
Phone: 972-2-651-5651
Contact Person: Aviva Rubinoff

The goal of Shalva is to provide a therapeutic and supportive environment that advances the special needs child and enables the family to raise that child while living a normal and healthy lifestyle. Without breathing space, many parents would be forced to institutionalize their challenged child – a detriment for both the child and the family. Shalva provides respite time for parents and families of special needs children, enabling them to address the ongoing, pressing needs of the family. In addition, Shalva enables challenged youngsters better integration into mainstream society. We teach daily living skills – cognitive, motor and social – to these children, helping them reach full potential and optimum independence. Shalva primarily serves children with Down Syndrome, and there are currently centers in both Jerusalem and Gush Etzion. Contact Information: 6 Ibn Denan Street, POB 34449 Jerusalem, Israel 91344 Tel. 02-651-9555 Fax 02-653-5787 Email: [email protected] Website:

Seeach Sod, a leading special ed. organization in Jerusalem for the religious public with over 40 years of experience, provides a wide range of educational and rehabilitative services to children and adults with intellectual impairment. Seeach Sod focuses on building each student’s maximum potential, fostering their independence and promoting their integration in the mainstream community. Approximately 800 individuals are currently enrolled in Seeach Sod’s various programs, which include:

  • Daycare Center and Preschool
  • Early Intervention Program
  • Elementary and Junior High School for Girls
  • Yeshiva High School for Boys
  • School for Autism and Severe Communication Disorders
  • Rehabilitative Program*
  • Group Apartments for Adults
  • Vocational Training Center
  • Respite Center
  • Guidance and Support to Parents and Families

* Includes: speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, hydrotherapy, Snoezelen, music therapy, therapeutic horseback riding, and art therapy. Main Office: 31 Yirmiyahu St. P.O.B. 5788 Jerusalem, 91057 Main Tel: 02-640-5000 Email: [email protected] Website: English Speaking Contact: Mrs. Leah Mendelowitz Tel: 02-640-5010 Email: [email protected]

Shekel is an umbrella organization that adopts social welfare and rehabilitation principles prevailing throughout the world including: individualization, normalization and community participation through the development of a community-support system that often precludes institutionalization. The organization provides community services in Jerusalem for children and adults with special needs (involving physical, intellectual, emotional, mental and learning disabilities).The services offered by Shekel include: Assessment and Treatment, Education, Community Living, Vocational Rehabilitation, Leisure and Sports, Accessibility Center, Special Programs. Contact Information: 11 Yad Harutzim St. P.O.B 53105 Jerusalem, Israel 93531 Phone: 02-672-0157/8 Fax: 02-672-5208 E-mail: [email protected] Website:

Shema is a center for the hearing impaired, with branches in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Be’er Sheva, Tiberias and Jerusalem. The program offers diverse services to students with hearing disabilities, all designed to help students integrate into their current school system. The organization’s goal is to supply hearing impaired students with the appropriate environmental conditions and the tools they need to develop at their maximum potential. To achieve this purpose, Shema assigns a representative to each hearing impaired student, who will remain with the student throughout the duration of his or her studies. This representative will ensure that the student’s school is providing proper services, and will help to inform the school of the unique resources and methods necessary for teaching a hearing impaired student. Shema also provides numerous other services, including diagnosis and identification of hearing disabilities, after school programming, auditory training, parental guidance courses, psychological and educational intervention, speech and language development, social rehabilitation, supplementary lessons, enrichment courses, preparatory classes for Bagrut examinations, and providing a “lending bank” of hearing aids and other equipment. Shema Center in Haifa: The Shema Center in Haifa is a therapeutic learning center for children aged 6-18. The services the center offers include: didactic diagnosis and training, psychological diagnosis and treatment, communication rehabilitation (hearing, speech, and voice practice), assistance and aid in classes (from first grade to high school), guiding and advising children and their parents, therapy (arts, literature, movement and music), computer center (providing the application of teaching through computers), “Bat-Kol” dance group (integrating hearing-impaired dancers with hearing dancers), social rehabilitation courses (social and enrichment), soldier-teachers and National Service volunteers teaching classes in the “Shema” centers, introduction of new ideas in the education and rehabilitation system, gathering theoretical and practical material, providing new and innovative equipment, assistance in purchasing personal hearing aids, loaning hearing aids and FM systems, sign-language lessons, enhancing awareness of special difficulties and needs of the hearing-impaired pupil, absorption of immigrant children with hearingimpairments, and training university students. Contact Information: 8 Rehov Madregot Beit She’arim Tel: 04-851-2381 Fax: 04-853-0024 Email: [email protected] Website: Shema Center in Jerusalem: The Shema Center in Jerusalem offers support to students and their families who are hearing impaired, and are learning in individualized settings. They provide services in the Jerusalem area, including Gush Etzion and Beit Shemesh. The staff includes teachers, English & math teachers, speech therapists, psychologists, art therapists, movement therapists, occupational therapists and social workers. The center also offers some social services such as hikes, parties and educational programming. Contact Information: Dina Stepelman- 054-4732294 7 Rechov Borochov Jerusalem Tel: 02-642-8359 Fax: 02-642-8440 Email: [email protected] Shema Center in Tel Aviv: 30 Rehov Plitei HaSafer Tel Aviv Tel: 03-571-5656/7/8 Fax: 03-571-2017 Email: [email protected] Website: Shema Center in Tiberias: Trumpeldor St, Shikun B P.O.Box 812, Teveria 14230 Tel: 04-671-6274 Fax: 04-853-0024 Email: [email protected] Shema Center in Beer-Sheva: King David 16 Be’er Sheva 84140 Tel: 08-649-2002 Fax: 08-648-7223

Shutaf Inclusion Programs in Jerusalem is for children and young people, ages 6-23, with and without disabilities. Shutaf Inclusion Programs offers year-round activities for more than 250 participants, with and without disabilities, including:

  • Hanukah, Passover and August Day Camps
  • Young Leadership for Teens – 3 evenings weekly
  • Inclusion-Accelerator Workshops for students and professionals
  • Family Gatherings

Shutaf’s reverse-inclusion model serves participants with diverse developmental, physical and learning disabilities, including”: ASD, Down Syndrome, ADHD, behavioral/emotional disorders (75%) alongside participants without disabilities (25%). Shutaf is committed to quality service for all, regardless of labels, financial limitations, cultural and religious differences. For more information, please see their Website: or Email: [email protected]

Somer is an outpatient mental health institute. The clinic serves individuals suffering from psychological stress ranging between performance anxieties (such as test anxiety) to occupational stress and deep emotional trauma (such as those caused by war, terror, violence or sexual abuse). Services provided include:

  • Stress & anxiety disorder program
  • Treatment program for survivors of disaster, sexual assault, child abuse and other traumas
  • Dissociative disorders clinic
  • Organizational consultation on stress and trauma, and presentations
  • Lectures and workshops on related topics
  • Treatment of depressive disorders
  • Sexual dysfunction programs
  • Treatment of child and adolescent adjustment problems
  • Couples and family therapy clinic
  • Health and medical psychology; psychodiagnostic testing
  • Clinical hypnosis
  • Psychiatric consultation and art therapy

Counseling and psychotherapy are offered in English. Contact Information: 23 Shlomtzion HaMalkaStreet Haifa Tel: 04-836-0494 Email: [email protected] or [email protected] Website:

Variety is an organization that helps children (up to age 18) who suffer from disabilities such as blindness, deafness, Down syndrome, autism and C.P. The services offered by Variety include help with medical needs such as dental and orthodontic work; mouth and jaw surgery; special surgeries; and treatments overseas. Variety also offers occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, hydrotherapy and movement therapy. They offer help in obtaining special equipment that improves the life of the child and the family, such as wheelchairs, special equipment for the bathroom, and more. Contact Information: Tel Aviv Office: 3 Tvu’ot Ha’aretz St Shichun Dan, Tel Aviv 69546 Tel: 03-644-7201, 03-644-7220 Jerusalem Office: Rechov Diskin 17 Jerusalem, 96440 Tel: 02-539-1911 Fax: 02-539-1913 Email: [email protected] Website:

The goal of Yated is to advance the societal integration of persons with Down syndrome, and to offer assistance to their families. Activities include guidance for parents, study days, conferences, information about new treatments, and other areas of interest. Contact Information: Tel: 02-672-1115 Fax: 02-673-1374 Email: [email protected] Website:

Yachad is an international non profit organization dedicated to addressing the needs of the individuals with disabilities and including them in the Jewish community.  Yachad members participate in several socially inclusive activities and events per month.  There are many Yachad chapters located throughout the United States, Canada and Israel.  For more information click here.

Yad Sarah provides a spectrum of free or nominal cost services designed to make life easier for sick, disabled and elderly people and their families. Yad Sarah’s is an extensive organization providing a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • Activities for the homebound
  • Emergency alarm response system
  • Geriatric dental clinic
  • Golden Garden Coffee shops
  • Home services department
  • Home visits by volunteers
  • Information services for parents with special needs children
  • Legal aid for the elderly
  • Lifelink emergency bracelets
  • Oxygen services and special equipment
  • The Karten Rehabilitative Computer Center
  • A toy library
  • An enrichment center for special children and their families
  • Skills training
  • An employment center
  • Transportation for people in wheelchairs

Please note that the Jerusalem Council for Children and Youth set up the Da’at Learning Disabilities Information Service located in Yad Sarah. Parents and professionals can get up-to-date information, articles and guidance to services via the phone: 02-644-4500. Articles are sent out in Hebrew and/or English at no cost. Yad Sarah has branches all over the country. Contact Information: Yad Sarah House 124 Herzl Boulevard Jerusalem 96187 Tel: 02-644-4444 Fax: 02-644-4508 Website:

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