TAKA is an all-inclusive program which prepares Olim who are exempt from Mechinat Olim for academic life in Israel. TAKA is offered on 4 academic campuses in Israel: The Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv University, Gordon Academic College in Haifa and Ashkelon Academic College.

Is TAKA for you?

First check if you are REQUIRED to do Mechinat Olim. You can do this by contacting the Pre-Aliyah services of the Student Authority or by approaching the university or college of your choice directly. TAKA is designed for students eligible for assistance from the Student Authority but who are not obligated to do Mechinat Olim OR who choose to study in institutions or study tracks that do not require Mechina.

Acceptance Criteria

  • You must be eligible for Student Authority assistance.
  • You must pass the Hebrew entrance exam with at least 60%, including the verbal exam.
  • Students already in Israel are requested to present an Ulpan completion certificate, in addition to successfully completing the TAKA entrance exam.
  • This 5-month program is very intense and suitable only for serious students who are willing to commit themselves to working hard!

TAKA study topics

The TAKA Program is approximately 30 weekly hours:

  1. Advanced Hebrew
  2. Academic English and Hebrew writing
  3. Computers
  4. Mathematics
  5. Introduction to Research Methods
  6. Preparation for the YAEL test

What Do You Pay For?

  1. Rent for dorms
  2. Registration – 220 NIS
  3. Regular living expenses (food, etc.)

Special Ashkelon Stipend

The Student Authority gives participants in the TAKA Ashkelon Pre-Academic program a special monthly stipend to encourage young people who wish to study in Ashkelon. The grant is 1000 NIS a month, from the date of completion of the “sal klita” (absorption basket) including the duration of the summer Ulpan in Ashkelon, for a maximum of 7 months in total or up to the end of your first year of Aliyah (the earlier of the two).

Important To Know

  1. TAKA is funded and maintained by the Student Authority in cooperation with the hosting academic institution and the Ministry of Education
  2. The program is in addition to the regular Student Authority tuition benefit
  3. Students are entitled to study in TAKA OR Mechinat Olim – NOT both

For more information on housing, costs and registration, click here.

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