Many companies in Israel that offer insurance coverage for your home, car, etc. Many of these companies also offer life insurance and supplementary health coverage options.

  • Car insurance includes two elements: Chova (compulsory) – where you determine which drivers are permitted to drive the car, and Makif (comprehensive) for coverage of theft and accidents.
  • In order to receive a mortgage, you must have life and building insurance.
  • Always bargain! Rates are never fixed.
  • All companies offer special health insurance options that may include additional coverage not covered by your Kupat Cholim.

You can also contact some of the larger companies directly. The direct companies do not have personal agents, so expect to speak with a different representative each time you call. However, their rates are cheaper; if you purchase insurance directly from the insurance company rather than through agents, you avoid incurring commission fees.

Phone # Website How to Sign up
AIG 1-800-400-400 Direct
Bituach Yashir 03-555-5555 Direct
Ishi Yashir 03-900-0000 Direct
Clal *5454 Agent
Egert & Cohen 02-623-2546 http:/ Agent
Harel 03-754-7777 Agent
Menorah *2066 or 03-7107777 Agent
Migdal 03-920-1010 Agent
Phoenix *3455

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