Zichron was founded as an agricultural settlement in the late 19th century by members of the Eastern-European Hovevei Tzion movement. When the community began to struggle, it was assisted by Baron Edmond de Rothschild and was eventually named in honor of his father Ya’akov.

Today, Zichron continues as a vibrant community with a wonderful mix of people. Olim feel a sense of belonging in the community almost immediately upon arrival. Its proximity, beautiful views, and abundant wineries make it a popular tourist destination.

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Population:  25K; medium-size town; Large English-speaking population; Thousands of NBN Olim.

Religious Diversity

All affiliations and some neighborhoods are homogenous.


For details of available Ulpanim speak with Zichron Ya’akov Municipality Klitah Department

Frequently Asked Questions


Kupot Cholim Clalit, Meuchedet, and Maccabi are represented.

Hospitals closest to Zichron Yaakov are Hillel Yaffe Medical Center in Hadera and Rambam Health Care Campus in Haifa

Urgent Care Centers: Locations per Kuppot Cholim.

Public transportation routes to:

Tel Aviv
Be’er Sheva

Travel time by car to:
Tel Aviv
Be’er Sheva

For more information about rentals in this community, please check out Madlan and Yad2.  Because there are no comparable real estate sites in English, we created English guides to help you navigate these sites, with an explanation of their features and functionality.




One Bedroom
Two Bedroom
Three Bedroom


One Bedroom
Two Bedroom
Three Bedroom

Olim are spread out across the city, depending on how observant they are.

Dati Leumi Olim tend to live in the Moshava neighborhood since that is closest to the main synagogue, Ohel Ya’akov and to Moed, which is mostly an Anglo-Dati Leumi synagogue.

Older Dati Leumi Olim (average age 60) often like to live in or near Remez for the same reason.

Charedi English-speaking Olim live in neighborhoods mostly near or on Derech Sarah, Hazon Ish, and Ramat Tzvi,

Other Olim choose to live throughout the town – the Hashmura, Halomot, and Neve Habaron neighborhoods are especially popular.

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