When you mention the city of Tzfat (also spelled “Safed”) to most Israelis, a warm smile generally comes to their face. Tzfat is historical, romantic, charming, and quirky. Though most Israelis have never thought of living in Tzfat, they love visiting the city. One of Israel’s four holy cities, Tzfat is perhaps as well known for its artists as it is for its mystics. But Tzfat is also home to 30,000 residents, many of whom work ordinary jobs and carry on normal lives. Olim in Tzfat love their hometown and would not choose to live anywhere else. One resident reflected on a Kabbalat Shabbat service where he found himself dancing between an elderly Hassid and a young Israeli soldier, the juxtaposition of different people, with different backgrounds but with a common purpose just seems natural in Tzfat.

Frequently Asked Questions


The Absorption Department offers:

– Information, advice and guidance for solving problems and assisting in the realization of rights
– Assistance in filling out forms and writing letters
– Connection with governmental and private institutions in and outside the community.
– Coordination between the immigrant and the city’s services system in order to assist in absorption processes.
– Follow-up assistance and assistance to immigrants who arrive in the city from the time they arrive, with coordination and mediation between all the departments such as municipal departments, health and education systems, social welfare organizations, volunteer organizations, the National Insurance Institute, the Ministry of the Interior.
– Individual treatment adapted to immigrants’ needs
– Initial advice on employment and assistance in job search (as needed through direct contact with factories and employers in the region or via employment office).
– Preliminary legal advice on general issues and referral to relevant parties: The General Federation, the Otzma Center

Contact the Head of Absorption Department:

Natalia Mabrowitz

Yisrael Sofer
Tel: 050-6808559

Email: [email protected]

Olim can be found all over the city.


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