The first city to be built by the Zionist enterprise, Tel Aviv is Israel’s city that never sleeps. It is the country’s center of art, finance, law, food, and business, and offers a wide variety of lifestyles, cultures, and around-the-clock places of interest to visit.

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Population: 461K; Israel’s 2nd largest city; a metropolitan area with more than 4 million residents. Large English-speaking population dispersed throughout the city; Tens of thousands of NBN Olim.

Religious Diversity

All affiliations and some neighborhoods are homogenous.


Ulpan Gordon – 03-5223181 / 03-5223095, [email protected]

Ulpan Brodetsky – 03-7628437 – [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions


All Kupot Cholim (healthcare service providers) are represented.

Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center Ichilov Nearby hospitals include Rabin Medical CenterBeilinson, Assuta, and Wolfson.

Urgent Care Centers:  Bikur Rofeh, Additional locations per Kuppot Cholim.

Tel Aviv has a modern infrastructure of public transportation including trains, buses, and shuttles, with light rail /subway under construction. The city is well connected between the different neighborhoods and various locations throughout the country. See routes and travel times to major cities below!

Public transportation routes to: Haifa     Be’er Sheva      Jerusalem

Travel time by car to: Haifa     Be’er Sheva     Jerusalem

Housing: For more information about rentals in this community, please check out Madlan and Yad2.  Because there are no comparable real estate sites in English, we created English guides to help you navigate these sites, with an explanation of their features and functionality.




One Bedroom
Two Bedroom
Three Bedroom


One Bedroom
Two Bedroom
Three Bedroom

Everywhere! The city of Tel Aviv-Yafo as a whole embraces the Olim community


FREE Tel Aviv Talks and Tours to help Olim feel part of the community

Alice Marcus
Director of Projects for English-speaking Olim Residents
[email protected]

Neta Burshtein
Municipal Klita Coordinator for English-speaking Olim
[email protected]

* Last updated on March 23, 2023 *

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