Petach Tikvah

Founded in 1878, Petach Tikva was the first city of what is now modern-day Israel. An alternative name for the city is “Em HaMoshavot” which means “the mother of settlements.” It is located near the source of the Yarkon River.
Petach Tikva was originally swampland, so many eucalyptus trees were planted to make the area habitable. The majestic trees are protected by law and grace the city with their beauty to this day.

Petach Tikva is now a thriving, dynamic city, which is integrated in every sense of the word. Residents hail from every ethnic background and level of religious observance, and this has translated into the city being a place with a wonderfully warm and accepting sense of community. No matter where you are from, how you practice your religion, or how you like to live, you will find a place in Petach Tikva.

Frequently Asked Questions


Ulpan Aleph and Bet are available. 

There is an Employment Center for Olim:
Mohaliver St., 6, Petach Tikva
[email protected]

Petach Tikva does not have an Anglo Oleh Coordinator at this time.

Debbie Gold Hadar
[email protected]

Secular/traditional, married, teenage children

Adira and Dov Abramson
[email protected]

Orthodox, married, young children

Olim live all over the city.


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