Nof HaGalil

Surrounded by mountains and nature Nof HaGalil is a small city with a huge potential for Olim. Home to residents of all backgrounds and cultures, secular and religious, young families and retirees Nof HaGalil is inviting you to learn about life in the capital of the Galil.

Frequently Asked Questions

Housing: Housing benefits are available for new Olim in Nof Hagalil, including free housing arrangements for up to five days, as well as assistance in finding a residence.

Employment: Nof Hagalil offers new Olim employment guidance, resume writing assistance, preparation for job interviews, and a special Aliyah program for teachers and medical professionals.

Education: Education is a priority to Nof Hagalil, with educational subsidies for Olim in preschool, as well as extracurricular clubs, including the free JNF House of Excellence.

Ulpan: Local Ulpan classes run throughout the year, along with professional Ulpans and additional Hebrew assistance for children in school.

Sports and Culture: Nof Hagalil prides itself in its modern parks, free Gymboree to age six, discounts on movies, extracurricular activities, and classes at the music conservatory.

Municipal Absorption Services: New Olim have access to free workshops, lectures, seminars, as well as subsidized tours of Israel, and professional guidance on their rights and benefits.

Community Contacts:

Dubi Holtz
Young couples and young families

Chaim Friedman

Dovi Holtz
[email protected]
[email protected]

Married, Orthodox, young children

Ben Gurion, Har Yonah, Chani Senter, Mario Leznick, Bnei Betcha, Nof Yizrael

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