Ma’ale Adumim

Maale Adumim has all the advantages of a city: an enclosed mall and several strip malls, a municipal government center, intra-city transportation, an extensive library, health services, an art museum, sports and recreational facilities, a lake, a music conservatory, parks and more. It also has many of the advantages of a small town – it is clean and pleasant, surrounded by palm trees and a breathtaking desert view, and is only 20 minutes from downtown Jerusalem.
The municipality is committed to maintaining a high quality of life by offering all the services of a mid-sized city while providing a warm and comfortable home for its residents.

Frequently Asked Questions


The community coordinator offers intensive and personal assistance to each Oleh family, helping the families find a rental, providing assistance with school registration and city services, purchasing appliances, arranging trips and programs, and more.

All schools offer Hebrew instruction for Olim. The number of hours depends on the total number of Olim in any given year. Sometimes the hours are combined to make a children’s city-wide Ulpan. The additional benefits offered to Olim coming to Maale Adumim include tutoring hours as well.

The Maale Adumim Action Committee (MAC) has been formed to help support new Olim interested in moving to Maale Adumim. The committee itself includes individuals from several neighborhoods, men and women, religious and secular, and is committed to helping Olim have a smooth Aliyah to our beautiful city.
Contact them at [email protected].

Eli Wizemski
[email protected]

Community Aliyah Coordinator

Josh Gold
[email protected]

Orthodox, young family, live in Mitzpe Navo

Olim can be found all over the city.


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