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The Binyamin region is one of the most beautiful regions in Israel, centrally located in the breathtaking hills just north of Jerusalem. The 48 communities of this region are surrounded by countless historical sites and gorgeous nature reserves. The variety of communities and lifestyles, range of housing projects and prices, and proximity to Israel’s metropolitan cities will enable you to pick your ideal place for establishing your new home. The friendly and welcoming nature of the residents is a significant asset, accompanied by a support network assisting in the process of Aliya and integration into Israeli life. The proximity to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv opens a variety of possibilities: employment, advanced medical services, shopping, leisure – and all within an hour drive!

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Mitzpeh Yericho: If the majestic beauty of the Judean desert speaks to your soul, if passing camels and sheep on your way to work makes you smile, if you like living in a small, peaceful community, 15 minutes from Jerusalem, if you want to be part of the pioneering effort to build up Eretz Yisrael, then Mitzpeh Yericho is for you! Mitzpeh Yericho is located on highway 1, about a 20-minute drive to the outskirts of Jerusalem. There are over 450 families living in Mitzpeh Yericho. Most live in regular houses, while the rest live in temporary housing (mobile homes and “eshkubiot”). All families are expected to follow a religious lifestyle. The residents are engaged in a wide range of occupations: doctors and Kollel students, programmers and teachers, businessmen and social workers. About 10% of the population are English speakers. For more information

Shiloh: Shiloh is a religious community-style Yishuv established in 1978. The original founders strived to establish a community that would live its life in the spirit of the Torah and continue the tradition of the spiritual center that existed in Shiloh during the period of the Mishkan (Tabernacle). There are about 400 families living in the Yishuv, which serves as a regional center in terms of schools, agriculture, shopping and employment, for all of the smaller Yishuvim in the area. Shiloh is a significant point of attraction for families interested in building their homes and joining the community, and it has several construction initiatives that are expanding its borders. for further information:

Gush Talmonim-Dolev: Gush Dolev Talmonim is composed of 5 communities located in high proximity to each other: Dolev, Talmon, Neriya, Kerem Reim and Harasha. The population in these communities are on the Orthodox to ultra-Orthodox spectrum, and they offer a variety of housing opportunities, including single-family homes, duplexes and semi-detached homes. The warm and welcoming nature of these communities is a wonderful asset in the process of Aliya and acclimating into Israeli society. There are many English-speaking families in each of these communities. The breathtaking landscapes, comfortable climate and nature reserves nearby are also some of the benefits of choosing to live on Israel’s countryside. Each Yishuv has a range of synagogues, mikvahs, excellent educational institutes from daycares to high schools and Kollels. General services include: a mini-market, event hall, gymnasium, swimming pool (open in the summer), library, Leumit health clinic, youth lounge and two playrooms for preschool children. There are local businesses that operate in the Yishuvim and local commercial centers. The communities are located very close to Modi’in (a 15-minute drive), Jerusalem and Tel Aviv (a 30-minute drive), which opens a wide range of employment opportunities as well as making convenient city services very accessible.

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