The information below will help you research the options for living on a Kibbutz. You will also need to ask each Kibbutz about the schools in the area, to see if it answers your needs and if the schools are able to absorb your children as far as services go.

  1. Start with the Dept. for Demographic Growth at the Kibbutz Movement office. Ask them for information on Kibbutzim in the north that has an arrangement to absorb people, but stress that you are not planning to build, only to purchase:
  2. Rentals on Kibbutz – to find info on this you will need to locate individual Kibbutzim and ask them. Use Google search for “Kibbutz – north – rentals”, or use Google translate or Chrome and look for “בית להשכרה בקיבוץ בצפון”.
  3. This is the list of the Regional Councils in Northern Israel: . You can approach each Council and ask them if they know which Kibbutzim in their area has options for rental or purchase (again stress that you are not seeking to build). 

For additional information contact: [email protected]

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