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Adrichal – architect

Ambatia – bathroom, which may or may not include a toilet

Areivut Banka’it – bank guarantee. In new construction, the developer must protect the purchaser’s payments by providing a bank guarantee. The buyer pays a percentage to the bank for such a guarantee.

Arnona – property tax payable to the Municipality either annually or monthly, according to your preference. Based on net square meterage, not including walls and public areas. Payable by the person occupying the apartment.

Balatot – floor tiles

Bayit – house, home

Bayit Hameshutaf – condominium document that includes plans identifying each owner’s property, rights & responsibilities (deed restrictions)

Binyan – building

Binyan Even – building with stone exterior

Boidem – a storage compartment found above the bathroom and/or hallway in many Israeli apartments

Chaniah – parking

Chatzer – courtyard, usually a paved yard

Chozeh – contract

Cottage – semi-detached home or a duplex with a private entrance

Dira (plural dirot) – apartment

Dirat Gag – roof apartment

Dirat Gan – garden apartment

Dud Shemesh – solar-powered water heater

Dunam – measurement of land equivalent to 1000 square meters, approximately .25 acre. (NOTE: The size of a “dunam” varies according to country; this information refers to an Israeli dunam.)

Gemish – flexible

Gina – garden or yard

Gina B’shimush – garden “in use,” not registered in TABU as belonging to the apartment

Gush – Each section (gush) of the country has its own unique number & is further subdivided into individually numbered plots.

Haeret Azhara – cautionary note filed with the Government Lands Office at the beginning of the home purchase process to secure & protect your rights as the apartment’s owner

Helka – individually numbered plot within a section of the country. (See Gush.)

Heter B’nia – permit to build

Hevra HaMeshakemet – This office registers property in progress, eg, an apartment or office building under construction.

Hivun – capitalization

Installator – plumber

Installatzia – plumbing

Irya – municipality

Ishur – permit

Kablan – building contractor

Kior – sink

Kivunim, Kivunei Avir – air exposures

Knisa – entrance

Knisa Pratit, Knisa Nifredet – private entrance

Koma – floor, storey

Komat Karka – ground floor

Maalit – elevator

Machsan – storage room

Madregot – steps

Mamad – security room

Martef – basement

Mas Hachnassa – income tax to be paid on any rental income above a certain range

Mas Mechira – sales tax, to be paid when property is sold, although private individuals are exempt for residential properties

Mas Rechisha – purchase tax, up to 5% of the price of your home, which you must pay within 50 days of the signing of the contract.

Mas Shevach – capital gains tax of 25–50% on the profit from the sale of your property. You are entitled to an exemption once every 4 years. If you have already used this exemption, you may be exempt if you immediately invest the gains in another residence.

Mashkanta – mortgage

Mazgan – air-conditioning

Mechir – price

Metavech (masculine), Metavechet (feminine) – real estate agent

Miflasim – levels

Mifrat Techni – technical specifications

Minhal Merkarkei Yisrael – Government Lands Authority, which oversees all property in Israel. It is the agency that provides the initial 49-year leases for housing on government land, which will automatically renew for an additional 49 years. All records in this office are confidential unless owners give permission for the information to be made public.

Mirpeset – balcony

Mitbach – kitchen

Mitbach Americai – open kitchen, kitchenette

Nadlan – real estate

Nof – view Poneh l’nof – facing the view

On paper” – buying an apartment to be constructed in the future, from a builder’s plans

Optzia – option, usually referring to the possibility of expanding

Orech Din (masc), Orachet Din (fem) – lawyer

Pinat ochel – dining nook

Reshum, Reshuma – registered

Salon – living room

Seragim – window bars

Shaish – kitchen countertop, usually granite or marble

Sherutim – toilet

Shetach – area of an apartment, expressed in square meters. Netto = net meterage. Bruto = gross.

Shikun – A building of 4 storeys that has multiple entrances, no elevator and often no succah balconies. This type of building was used to provide low cost housing and can be found in the older neighborhoods.

Shiputzim – renovations

TABU (Lishkat Rishum M’Karka’in) – Government Lands Registry Office, where your purchase must be recorded. It is subject to open records law, which means anyone can check the ownership of property registered in this office.

Tat Helka – identifying number given to an individual’s apartment built within a helka (plot) within a gush (section) of the country

Terrassa – terrace, patio

Trissim – window blinds

Tzinor – (plumbing) pipe

Vaad Habayit – required monthly tenants’ committee fee, equivalent to a condo fee in America, paying for upkeep of common areas and related services, such as elevator and garden maintenance. In some buildings, it includes winter heating during certain hours of the day. If you rent out your property, the tenant is generally expected to pay this fee.

VAT – value-added tax, currently 17%, charged on any goods and services in Israel

Villa – usually a freestanding house (In the Wolfson Towers complex, this term refers to a terraced apartment with a large balcony.)

Yazzam – developer

Yechidat Horim – master bedroom with bathroom en suite

Yipui Koach Power of attorney; form you must sign that permits your attorney to sign all government registry documents on your behalf

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