Corona Virus Emergency Information

At this trying time NBN is following the Ministry of Health regulations and as such our offices nationwide are closed to visitors. Our staff are available and can be reached via:

+972 50-548-7770 or +1 (551) 800-5414

Lone Soldiers hotline 24/7 – *6563

Government Office Availability

A variety of government services are available online at, in order to use these services you must open a online account.

For a guide on how to open an online account, go here.
For a list of other government services available online without a account, click here.

The Jewish Agency has announced, no Visas will be issued until July 1st.

All Jewish Agency for Israel offices are officially closed. All interviews have been cancelled. Although, they are evaluating their options for working from home and beginning a virtual interview process.

Have you submitted documentation to Bituach Leumi for unemployment payments and have not yet received approval or funds?
Bituach Leumi has launched a new online service that can be used to follow the status of your file.
All you need to do is, input your Teudat Zehut number and Birth Date.

Bituach Leumi (BTL) has announced April 12, for those whose leave without pay has been extended, there is no need for the employer or employee to report to Bituach Leumi, the unemployment payments have been extended automatically.

There is no reception at the Bituach Leumi branches. Many services are available online, here.
You can also call Bituach Leumi at *6050 8:00 – 18:00.
The phone service will not be available during the holidays.

The Post Office is currently unable to provide service for Kupat Cholim (healthcare) registration.
For healthcare registration follow the instructions on the Bituach Leumi website, here.

BTL has put together an FAQ page (in Hebrew) that incorporates all of the changes due to the Coronavirus.

Misrad Hapnim offices are currently open for urgent cases, by appointment only, in the following branches:

Eilant, Ashdod, Nof-Hagalil, Netanya, Ako, Petach Tikva, Ramle, Jerusalem, Jerusalem-South, East-Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Beer Sheva.

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 8:00-12:00


  • There are no office hours for visa issues.
  • Passport applications for flights departing within 48 hours must be submitted in the Misrad Hapnim office in Ben Gurion airport.
  • Anyone instructed by the Ministry of Health to enter isolation may not come to the Misrad Hapnim offices. If you are in isolation, services may be provided at the end of your isolation period.

Appointments can be made by calling *3450. Wait time is usually very long, you can download the Roby app that will wait in line instead of you.

Entry is by appointment only and under the following conditions:
– Entry for persons with a temperature of 38C (100.4F) or above will not be allowed.
– You must keep 2 meters between yourself and others, unless there is a physical partition.
– Keep hygiene and cleanliness rules.
– A mask must be worn at all times during your visit to the offices.
– If you are required to be in Isolation you will not be able to receive services until your Isolation requirement is officially over.
Appointments are available on
For more info, see here.

A variety of services are available online once you log in to your personal account. For example, you can activate your newly received Biometric Teudat Zehut following the information found here.
Additional services can be found, here.

Visa extensions:

All Visas of the following categories, that expired as of September 24th, 2020 have been automatically extended until November 30th, 2020.

  • A5 (temporary residents)
  • B1 general (work visa and general) (Nursing care, agriculture, chefs and experts)
  • A1 (provisional status for eligible students)
  • A2 (students / students) and yeshiva students
  • A3 clerics
  • A4 (ancillary to A2 and A3)
  • B4 volunteer

For more info, click here.

For Misrad Hapnim’s answers to frequently asked questions, click here.

For more information and updates from Misrad Hapnim, visit their Corona updates page, here.

Due to the Closure Misrad Harishui offices are closed as of September 21st.

High Holy days (5781) 2020: Misrad Harishui offices will be closed on the following dates:
Rosh Hashana – September 20, 2020
Yom Kippur – September 27-28, 2020
Sukkot – October 4-8, 2020

Misrad Harishui services are available by appointment only, schedule an appointment here.

For Misrad Harishui’s answers to frequently asked questions, click here.

All Theory tests and driving lessons that were scheduled between September 21st and October 18th have been cancelled until further notice.
Misrad Hapnim will not provide any in person services during this time, including no picture taking for Driver’s Licenses.

– The following services are available online, here. Payment for driver’s and car licenses and disability cards.
– The following services are available at the post office. Payment for driver’s and car license renewals, transferring ownership of vehicles.
– The following services are available at the automated licensing machines located around the country. Find the machine nearest you, here. Payment for issuing new, duplicate and renewal driver’s and car licenses.
– The following services are available via the Misrad Harishui hotline at *5678. Payment for driver’s and car licenses, information regarding status of a disabled card request.

Need to submit a new request for a disabled parking badge or to renew an existing tag? No need to leave the house!
Fill out the application form online and attach the following documents:
– Photo ID and Sefach (addendum)
– Current medical documents
For more information:

Misrad Harishui has put in place a few automatic extensions due to the Coronavirus and Misrad Harishui offices being closed:

  • Driver’s licenses that have expired or due to expire between September 25th and November 15th, have been automatically extended for 3 months. (You must pay for the extension within 90 days of the expiration date of the extension)
  • Car licenses that have expired or are due to expire between September 25th and November 15th, have been automatically extended for two months.
  • Those whose license extension are dependent on courses, medical tests or written tests, have been extended for 3 months. The courses or medical tests must be completed within 90 days of the expiration date of the extension.

For service regarding medical forms or medical testing, click here. You can also email or fax 03-502-7566.

For more information, click here.

The amount of bus and train lines running going forward will be reduced drastically, only essential lines to get people to Shopping centers for food and medications and other essentials, or medical centers will be running. For more info on which lines will be running and how often, see here.

It is recommended to avoid public transportation when possible.

Misrad Haklita services are available by appointment only.
Click here, for a list of phone numbers and email addresses, in addition to the days and times the branches if Misrad Haklita are now opened and contact them for an appointment.

Priority will be given to urgent cases such as:

  • Dmei Kiyum* (subsistence allowance) for those unemployed or laid off within the first year of Aliyah
  • Applications for Teudat Oleh (Oleh Benefits Booklet)
  • Health care registration.

For an initial Misrad Haklita appointment to apply for your benefits and a Teudat Oleh, call or email your local branch of Misrad Haklita.

*In order to apply for Dmei Kiyum you must make an appointment on

For Misrad Haklita’s answers to frequently asked questions, click on FAQ1 and FAQ2.

Misrad Haklita has provided their regional phone numbers and email addresses on a series of Facebook posts for Olim to know how to reach them during this time.
Phone Numbers
Email Addresses

The Israel Postal service has reduced it hours of operations in the local branches until 4:00 pm. The remote locations will close at 3:00 pm. Fridays all Post offices will be closed.

The Post Office is currently unable to provide service for Kupat Cholim (healthcare) registration.
For healthcare registration follow the instructions on the Bituach Leumi website, here.

Studies for Ganim (pre-school) for ages 3-6, and School, grades 1st through 3rd been reinstated Sunday May 3rd, 2020.

The Government has approved the return to schools for other ages as well, gradually, and the full return should be complete by mid-June.

The Ministry of education has published a new Bagrut schedule. For more info, click here.

The department for degree recognition is officially closed until after Pessach and until further notice. It is recommended to refrain from sending documents at this time so the documents are are not misplaced.

On April 2nd, the government approved the payment of stipends of up to 6,000 nis to the self employed. For more info and eligibility criteria, click here.

Due to concerns about the rise in domestic violence at this time, the Israeli Department of Justice has a readied a battery of attorneys available to deal with any petition on matters of domestic violence, including representation for restraining orders and orders of protection.

The service is provided in all Magistrates and Family Courts around the country.

To receive the service: You must arrive at the courts during their operating hours; Fill out an application for a protection order; Then, contact the special hotline by telephone to examine your eligibility to receive representation: 073-3927747 / 48/49/50 After receiving the call, your eligibility for representation will be assessed; If you are eligible, a lawyer can be appointed to appear in court on your behalf within a very short time.

In emergency situations, please call the police by dialing 100 or call the Ministry of Welfare’s 24-hour hotline at 118.

Additional Resources

Below you fill find additional resources, useful information and links to online services.

The most recent entry and bidud (isolation) regulations can be found here.

Entry to Foreign nationals has been suspended indefinitely.

Israeli citizens wishing to enter Israel – The following two forms must be downloaded and completed in order to obtain a permit to enter Israel: Form 1 and Form 2. The completed forms must be sent to the relevant consulate.

NY consulate (WhatsApp only): 1-646-673-0400
For more information about the consulate in New York, go to the consulate website (Hebrew). For the consulate website in English, see here.

For information about other consulates in North America, see here.

We have developed a dynamic set of resources and tools you can use to develop additional skills that will serve you in your professional growth. See our new Employment Resources page.

The Ministry of Economy and the Tax Authority: On April 2nd, the government approved the payment of stipends of up to 6,000 nis to the self employed. For more info and eligibility criteria, click here.

Please note that due to system overload, the Lishkat Hata’asuka online Unemployment Registration Form is intermittently inaccessible. Please be patient and keep trying the link from time to time, including during night time off hours. The Lishka has announced that if you register by March 31st, your unemployment pay eligibility will be calculated to the date you were put on unpaid leave/terminated.

If you are within your first year of Aliyah and have finished receiving your Sal Klita (Absorption Basket) payments, are are unemployed, have become unemployed or put on leave without pay due to the Coronavirus, you may be eligible to receive Dmei Kiyum (income support) from Misrad Haklita. Please note: this assistance is evaluated per family eligibility and not per individual. In order to request this assistance during this time, reach out to your local Misrad Haklita by email.
For more information and the contact list, see here.

If you are employed but are in quarantine:

  1. Report your quarantine status via the Ministry of Health interface (in English): and provide your employer with confirmation from the Ministry of Health (which you will receive).
  2. Note: Days in quarantine will be considered sick days and will be deducted from your accrued balance of sick days and paid accordingly (0% for 1st day, 50% for next 2 days, and 100% from day 4 onward or per company policy).

If you have been put on unpaid leave (chala”t/ חל”ת / חופשה ללא תשלום ) of 30 days or more, the government has extended eligibility to claim unemployment pay via Bituach Leumi.

  1. This applies if you fit the required “qualifying period” for eligibility. Info here. The government is in the process of extending the qualifying period to those who have worked for only 6 months as opposed to the usual 12 months.
  2. Make sure that your employer provides you with a notice, in writing, that your unpaid leave is due to the Corona Virus situation.
  3. Unemployment pay claim is a two-part process: 1. Registering your status with the Employment Services (Lishkat Hataasuka) 2. Submitting a claim through Bituach Leumi. Both processes may be completed via online forms.
  4. Click here to view an explanation in English about the Unemployment Pay Claim process (prepared by the Ramat Gan Olim Department).
  5. Clarify with your employer whether they will be continuing to pay into your pension plan. If not, you will need to contact the insurance company (or 3rd party insurance agent) to clarify minimum payments you may need to contribute until your employment is reinstated.

If your employment has been terminated follow the same procedures as above.

If your employment has been terminated and you are currently stuck abroad. Follow the same procedures as above.

Sherut Hata’asuka announced on March 22, 2020 that anyone who has lost their job due to the Coronavirus and is currently stuck abroad, can open a claim with Lishkat Hata’asuka online for Unemployment rights. Dependent on the current eligibility criteria.

If you are a new Oleh, between 6 months and 1 year of your Aliyah, and have not yet worked sufficiently to reach the “qualifying period” to claim unemployment pay (or have a very low income), you may still be eligible to receive a monthly stipend through the Ministry of Absorption, called Dmei Kiyum .
Additional info click here. Please make sure to schedule an appointment online via MyVisit.

If you are in a position where you are not eligible for Dmei Kiyum and for unemployment benefits, we strongly suggest checking your eligibility for income support with Bituach Leumi.

We encourage you to use the NBN Job Board to help you identify and apply to relevant positions. We are working to source opportunities that are active at this time, despite the current public health situation.

If you are a healthcare professional, telemedicine and teletherapy opportunities can be found here.

–> Guide to Income Tax Relief for Small Businesses

Check out the Kol Zchut guide for employees during the coronavirus outbreak crisis, here.

Please be in touch with us at if the above does not address your employment concerns.

Check out Sam’s super helpful video guide to shopping online, here.

Due to a large influx of delivery orders, you can expect a severe delay in receiving your order.


Shufersal –
Rami Levy –
Yesh Online –

– Ichud Hatzallah has partnered with Lev Echad, (a National community crisis aid organization has volunteers throughout the country) to assist with food and medication delivery. There are English speakers to assist. Call – 1221.


Super Pharm –
Be (Shufersal) –

Below is a list of resources for Seniors.

MirshamimPrescription online order delivery service.

Dor L’Dor – Dor L’Dor has volunteers to do shopping and get medicines in Beer Sheva, Lod, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.
Call *3284 – If you don’t speak Hebrew, ask for someone who speaks English.

Emunah and Machon Be’er Emunah – Telephone Corona counselling service for seniors and their families. Also in English
Sunday – Thursday
4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Get Help Israel – Mental Health Services (Not free)

Live Tutorial Classes on Remote Video Calls – Stay virtually close to the family while physically distanced.
The Jerusalem municipality has set up a volunteer service in many languages, to teach seniors how to use video conferencing and virtual meeting platforms.

For more info and registration, click here.


It is important to follow the Ministry of Health Press Releases. These Press Releases detail and track diagnosed patient travels and activities.
This will give you an indication of whether or not you were in contact with one of the diagnosed patients and if you should consider quarantining yourself.

Covid-19 Press Releases

Geographical Corona exposure map

Download the Magen social app for tracking diagnosed patients Android IOS

CoronApp Download Android or IOS

Magen tracking diagnosed patients app Android IOS

Ministry of Health hotline *5400

MDA Corona hotline 101

Ichud Hatzallah 1221

Yedidim – 053-313-1310 Road side and medication transfer assistance

Government Central Support Center 1299

Ministry of Education hotline for professional emotional support for children in quarantine: 1-800-250-025

Eran – Corona Hotline for emotional support for adults  1201 ext.6

Pikud Haoref (Homefront Command)

Maccabi Website
*3555 24/7


Meuhedet Website
Meuhedet WhatsApp hotline
+972 50-669-7489

Meuhedet online chat


Clalit Website


Leumit Website
You can video chat with your doctor via the Leumit app