Glossary: Hebrew Medical/Healthcare Terms

||||Glossary: Hebrew Medical/Healthcare Terms

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Diagnosis Ivchun


Blood tests Bedikat Dam

בדיקת דם

Supplemental insurance provided
by the health plans
Bituach Mashlim,
also called Shaban or Sherutei Briut Nosafim

ביטוח משלים

Long-term care, usually provided in nursing home facilities Bituach Siudi

ביטוח סיעודי

Hospital Beit Cholim

בית חולים

Pharmacy, chemist Beit Merkachat

בית מרקחת

Referral, usually to a specialist, tests or other medical  services Hafnaya


Co-payment or out of pocket payment for medical   services or medications Hishtatfut Atzmit השתתפות עצמית
Also known as
Tofes Shva Esreh (17).
This is a document stating that the
health plan will pay for a service
such as emergency room visit or hospitalization


Emergency room Cheder Miyun

חדר מיון

See hitchayvut Tofes Shva Esreh (17)

טופס 17

Treatment Tipul


Ambulance services MADA
(Magen David Adom)

(מגן דוד אדום)

Clinic Mirpa’ah


Outpatient clinic in hospital Mirpa’at Chutz

מרפאת חוץ

Health plan Kupat Cholim

קופת חולים

Specialist Rofeh Mumcheh

רופא מומחה

Family physician Rofeh Mishpacha

רופא משפחה

Independent physician who works from
private offices
Rofeh Atzma’i

רופא עצמאי

Dentist Rofeh Shinayim

רופא שיניים

Alternative medicine including chiropractics,   homeopathy, reflexology, acupuncture, etc. Refuah Mashlima

רפואה משלימה

See Bituach Mashlim Shaban (Sherutei Bruit Nosafim)

שב”ן (שירותי בריאות נוספים)

Private health services within a public hospital Sharap (Sherutei Bruit Prati’im)

שר”פ (שירותי בריאות פרטיים)

Waiting period for eligibility of services, usually for supplemental and long-term care Tekufat Hamtana תקופת המתנה

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